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   Recycling by M. C., Fitchburg, MA

Does your school recycle paper, cans and newspapers? Mine didn't until a concerned student came up with the great idea of having recycling club. This student talked to the principal and found an advisor for the club. Then there was an announcement over the intercom asking any interested students to join. That's how I got involved.

We called the recycling centers and businesses that recycled in our area. We got in touch with one who donated green recycling bins for our whole school!

Once a week the club gets together and collects paper and newspapers from the classrooms. We put the paper in plastic bags and put them in a storage room. When the storage gets too crowded, we pile the bags in o a truck and deliver it to the recycling company.

The club is a lot of hard work, but it's worth it to know I am helping our planet.

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i love this so much!