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   On October 15, 30 members of the National Honor Society in William Cullen Bryant High School participated in the New York City Clean Sweep Program sponsored by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Membership into the National Honor Society is very prestigious and one of the many requirements is student service. This is an important quality in today's world because not many people want to help others and by having an organization of such a calibre promoting service, makes society so much easier to live in.

Members of William Cullen Bryant High School spent a day cleaning up a local park - Astoria Park. The amount of participation was phenomenal and the event turned out to be a success. For four hours these students cleaned various areas of the park making it beautiful for recreation. Parks sometimes are the only places where one can commune with nature. In the city one does not have the opportunity to take a trip to the country, and a park is one solution to this problem. One can go to the park to jog, play games, or just sit under a tree and relax. Bryant High School students wanting to improve the conditions of the park succeeded in doing this.

Service is very important and it is a critical constituent in National Honor Society membership. The The only way one can improve oneself and one's community is to become involved. So make time to find what service needs to be done near you and do it!

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