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By Anonymous

   I serve my community in a different way. When I hear community service, I think of getting up early on a Saturday morning (or a day off from school) and putting my make-up on. It's not your Cover Girl type but clown make-up. I dress up as a clown and go to help out organizations, including the Special Olympics or at dances for special needs children. At these events I usually do a walk-around which includes talking with the kids, playing with them and just telling jokes to make them smile.

One event that stuck in my mind over the past few years, is the time my father and I went to Brandeis University for a Special Olympics event. In the beginning I met this cute guy named Billy. I stayed with him the whole time, cheering him on with everything he did. He even won first place in a few events. Then the time came for us to say good-bye. I bent down to get to his eye level and he hugged me and said, "Always smile; it makes people smile back." After an exchange of smiles, he waved good-bye and was on his way. I felt so happy and good that day that I continue to help out at as many Special Olympic events as possible.

On the way home I kept thinking about what Billy had said to me. Billy taught me something very special - all anyone needs is a smile to brighten their day. fl

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i love this so much!