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   The Youth Chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is very active throughout the greater Brockton community. In the past, the NAACP has been devoted primarily to the attainment of social, economic and political equality for Black Americans, but today the Brockton branch has taken on much broader tasks in addition to this. Our group is comprised of about 15 youths, ages 14 through 22. Though most of the members are black, we are open to all within the city.

Community service is the central vehicle by which we help out our peers and the disadvantaged of Brockton. We volunteer our time to a local homeless shelter by spending time with the many children there. We read them stories, play games with them and generally just pay attention to them. We hope to act as positive role models in their lives, so they can have a better chance to avoid problems such as teen pregnancy, unemployment and drug abuse. As part of our community involvement we have also cleaned up neighborhoods and empty lots. By sweeping glass, washing graffiti and picking up trash, we have erased various eyesores from Brockton's downtown.

The group intends to continue its work and hopes to gain more members so that our influence can spread. fl

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i love this so much!

456331112@me said...
on Nov. 29 2011 at 11:46 am
we try and teach females positivity and role model behavior each day and i being your president even though my name is disguised is happy to try and help my females become better citizens