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   I volunteered for Coney Island Hospital last year for communivity service. I did this for 10 months, an hour a day, five days a week. I think it changed me and the people I helped in many ways. Above all my sense of responsibility improved.

I worked in Pediatrics because I love being with children. I found that it puts my mind at ease for a while and makes me realize that little things in life really do matter. When I'm having a bad day, helping someone or just making them smile can make me feel a whole lot better.

A volunteer's job may not seem important, but it makes a big difference how things run at the hospital. The nurse's job is stressful and when s/he has a helping hand, it allows a chance to contentrate on the important things. It's the little things that really count and can make the difference - bringing water for a patient or telling a little kid a joke. Sometimes just being there and listening to what a patient has to say can have a positive effect on their progress. fl

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