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   You get a good feeling inside when you do something for someone else. In my life, I have helped out in the nursing home where my grandmother lives. I know if I make one person happy, it is worth the time I spend taking care of Grandma and her "friends."

As I enter, I meet Bob in his wheelchair saying, "Beep, beep." When you "beep" him back, a big smile crosses his face. Then, of course, there's Emma, who waves hello as I pass on my way to Grandma's room. You can't help notice that most of the people are women, but just before I reach Grandma's room there is the smell of pipe tobacco coming from one of the back rooms. John is there, reading about who won the basketball game. He's not supposed to be smoking but all anyone says to him is, "How about those Knicks?"

Grandma's room is small and she is usually staring at the television when I come in. A big smile comes to her face when I sit down and watch a cartoon with her. I help feed her dinner or lunch and we spend a few quiet minutes together. Grandma's neighbors need their milk containers opened, a blanket or other help.

Everyone should spend an hour a week helping out at elder residences. You can help so many people in just a few minutes. fl

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i love this so much!

VAL508 BRONZE said...
on Oct. 28 2010 at 1:32 pm
VAL508 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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I agree with this a hundred percent! I go to visit my great aunt and uncle. My uncle is a hoot! One time we went to see him, and he had stollen one of the other's walker! We said ,''Uncle Calvin where did you get this from?'' He then had a huge smile on his face. That alone made my day just to see him smile. I also go to visit my great aunt, and I bring her jewelry. She loves to dress up for her boyfriend! With that many people should go and visit their local elders home. It puts a smile on their face and whats better than making people smile ?

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