Christmas Year Round MAG

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     My family has atradition of trying to make another's Christmas brighter. My motherstarted this tradition, believing compassion and empathy are veryimportant.

One year, shortly before Christmas, we heard about amother of two who lost everything in a house fire. My family gatheredmany people, and with everyone's help and donations, we were able tofind them housing, clothes, some furniture, a Christmas dinner, toys,groceries and enough money to start rebuilding theirlives.

Another Christmas, we went to a nursing home. It isamazing how many older people are forgotten. The nursing home had dozensof patients who were not visited by family during the year, althoughthey were mentally alert.

My family bought robes, slippers,blankets, flannel shirts, nightgowns and boxes of chocolate. Wedelivered them and spent several hours talking with the residents. Iknow they enjoyed opening the presents, and liked them, but they enjoyedour visit the most.

My grandparents are the same age as many ofthose we visited. They are so involved in my life and spend so much timewith me that I can't imagine what it would be like for them to beforgotten by our family.

This year, we helped afamily who has experienced a lot of hard times recently. The father diedtwo years ago of a heart attack and the mother recently died of cancer.Their two sons, ages 16 and 14, were left, and now the older boy isbattling bone cancer. One of their aunts took them in, and our family,along with others, helped give them a nice Christmas. I tried to putmyself in their place, and hope what we did helped in someway.

This is how my family celebrates Christmas. We do not havespecial food or a traditional dinner. We try to reach out to others andreceive so much in return. Wouldn't the world be a better place if weall tried to help one another?

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