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By Anonymous

     Two months ago, myjournalism class adopted an angel from the city's Angel Tree Foundation. My classbrought in money so the child would have presents for Christmas. At first, Ithought the whole thing was a waste of time and effort. I only make six dollarsan hour, so how much could I afford to give?

On ourangel's information sheet was a picture of Breanna who wanted a blanket forChristmas because her parents could not afford one. Along with the blanket,clothes and shoes were also on her wish list, not toys like other nine-year-oldsmight want. Her need persuaded me to help with theproject.

After two weeks of class donations, a group of us went shoppingfor Breanna's gifts. Our class raised enough money to buy her that blanket aswell as three outfits, shoes and even some toys. The entire day glueditself in my mind, reminding me that I probably changed someone's life.

Wealso wanted to buy Breanna a winter coat, but our funds ran short and I ended uppaying for the difference with my own money. By the end of the project, I'd spentmore on Breanna than I make in a paycheck. It shocked me to realize that, butthen I merely smiled.

I feel good about my actions. To think ... Ialmost put a price on changing someone's life. I hope Breanna thought of ourclass and called us "angels." After all, some day we might need angels,too.

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i love this so much!