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Spring Break 2007

March 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Mexico is a place where you will find spring breakers
having the time of their life Drinking and partying
with all of their best friends. All of the Mexican
businesses are booming and life is great. During
those weeks Mexico is packed with tourists from all
over the world, but there is still life after spring
break for Mexico and that is where I came in on my
spring break 2007.
You see instead of going to the normal Cancun, Playa
or Ixtapa, I spent my time in a very poor city called
Pedros Niegras. My youth group and I spent months
raising money for the trip and it was well worth it,
and on March 15th 2007 loaded up the vans and started
on our 20 hour voyage to Mexico. When we finally got
to the mission house we unloaded all our stuff into
our rooms but the weird thing was there were no beds
in our rooms but instead we got hammocks to sleep on.
Immediately we started our work going around to all of
the neighborhood kids telling them about our vacation
bible school that was taking place. Next was probably
the most meaningful part of the trip, we went around
on a huge bus through neighborhoods that had houses
made from scraps would pick a random house and knock
on the door(if they had one) and start unloading food
for weeks for them and plenty of clothes. The looks on
these peoples faces was priceless I have never seen
people be more appreciative in my life.
When the trip was finally over this was the final
count 4 roofs built in two and a half days, hundreds
of crafts and t shirts made in vacation bible school,
30 tired and wet kids from playing countless hours of
soccer and having a water balloon fight with the
locals, and about 150 Mexicans in disbelief of how
their life was just changed. Yes, going to Cancun is
the time of your life but Mexico changed my life
helping me realize how good I have the world giving to
me and how easily I take my life for granted.

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