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Each One Teach One

April 2, 2011
By MissPinkShoes GOLD, Mumbai, Other
MissPinkShoes GOLD, Mumbai, Other
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I've always liked helping the community since I was about 7-8 years of age, my heart always yearns to try and give back to the community as much as possible, so when I was about 12 years of age I gathered all my building friends and we decided to keep an exhibition and all the proceeds we collect we will give it to the poor poeple on the streets near our area, so that was the 1st time I did something for the community after that I've been doing alot, during my vacations my parents always took me to the orphanage to donate clothes but my real giving back to the community started only when I turned 18, I decided to join an NGO - so I looked up all the NGO's that were there near my area, the one I liked the most was Each One Teach One, where volunteers yeach the under privileged students, I 1st went for their Christmas Party, and I was really touched by them , though they didn't come from good conditions they were really smart and they too were really really happy to see me there and I made them play many games, this rarely happens, so I was very proud of the fact that I bought a smile on 52 students over there and it gave me immense pleasure, a memeory so priceless!!!
Then I started going to their center once a week after my college and started teaching English to children from grade 1- 4 and every week I tought them by playing games or asking them to draw and telling poems and asking every one to come on stage and say or write something, though initially it was difficult for me as controlling them was not easy also knowing that I was knew and young they took full opportunity of screaming, but at the end of every session it only made me and them happy, me as I was able to make a little difference in their life and them as they enjoyed these fun filled sessions once a week, I volunteered there for 2 months as then it was summer vacation time and on the last day I donated many story books to them also when I was leaving how everyone bid me good bye with those wide smiles is something I will never forget, so much love is worth every thing.
Alo I have pledged to donate my eyes and also made 8 poeple take that pledge and even that feels good!!!

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