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Children of Abraham

March 11, 2008
By Ross Myers BRONZE, Griffith, Indiana
Ross Myers BRONZE, Griffith, Indiana
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Children of Abraham

This article is to tell you about the work that I do for the Children of Abraham. Our main goal is to provide third world countries with the equiptment that they need. Not to long ago we sent at least twenty pieces of furniture to about three countries. We also send a lot of medical equiptment.

The biggest piece of medical equiptment was probably an ex-ray machine. The countries are always very glad that we send them equiptment every month.

The Children of Abraham is not a very organization. There are about seven members including myself. Even though we are a small organization we always get high praise from many different countries. That is my essay about the best chariety that gives equptment ot third world countries.

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on Jul. 15 2011 at 7:35 pm

There are some spelling errors and the explanation is very vague. Try writing with more detail next time.

And remember how our teachers always say to never begin a paper telling the reader that they're going to say something now.

Revise, edit, and post a new article! I'm sure there will be changes.