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Community Service and Teens

September 8, 2010
By Runninggirl123 BRONZE, Long BEach, Mississippi
Runninggirl123 BRONZE, Long BEach, Mississippi
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Community Service and Teens
People all over our community need help, and a way to do that is community service. Most teens think of community service as cleaning the beach or picking up trash for an hour or two every once in a while. Community service can also be reaching out to those in the community who need help, whether it is feeding people at a homeless shelter or going to visit people in a nursing home, interacting with people other than friends shows peoples true willingness to help others. Teens need hours of service not only to put on a college resume but also so they have the opportunity to learn more about the community and have a chance to experience what it is like making choices in the world. Getting active in the community will help influence other teens to start doing community service as well. To get started just get a group of friends together and go collect cans for a food pantry, collect pop tops from soda cans for the Ronald McDonald house and then go bigger, maybe by writing to someone who does not go out and talk to people very often. Teens need to make a difference in there community, so they can be an example for others.

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