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M.A.D Charity - Making a Difference

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

"Everyday 800 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition" (United Nations). More than 10% of children die before they reach the age of 5.....24,000 people die everyday from hunger or hunger related causes........." These are all common statistics that are basically everywhere. We see them on the television where organisations have the opportunity to broadcast the suffering children in a futile effort to get a "sympathetic" response from us.....But yet we sit merrily in front of our television sets and immediately change the channel to something "more interesting"....We often think why watch something that was produced by some group of morbid people...children die everyday and what does this have to do with us?? The answer is everything. Poverty is all around us. Its not only in Africa or India or those so -called countries that we brand as "third world", its closer to your doorstep than you think. You can't sit there and say that everyone in your country is well off. If you're shaking your head at this comment maybe its time to take off the blinders and face reality - the poor and less fortunate are among us, despite the fact that we dwell in our own materialistic world, blind to the calls and needs of others. It time for us to make a difference....a change that will develop momentum and spread throughout the world. It is only stiffling to believe that things are impossible...YOU can make a difference....little things either make a big impact or contribute to it in some way or the other. Volunteer your assistance tothe local elderly home, assemble hampers for the less fortunate, donate money to a NGO which help feed the hungry - all these things go a long way in helping people.The first step towards change is within you.....it's your responsibily to make a difference which will make the difference....

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