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Product Red

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

Many people have heard of product (red) however many don't know what's it about, or what it's for. Product red raises money to help fight diseases. The 3 main diseases are AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria, but the money also goes to health programs, and for care of orphans in Africa. The program is mainly to help the people in Africa, ecxsically in southern Africa where their is more than 10% of people with a HIV/Aids prevalence. How is the organization getting money though. A couple years ago The Global Fund partnered up with companies like gap, Motorola, American Express, Converse, and other well know companies. These products became known as product(red), the stores sell the signature red products and Global Fund gets some of the profits. You may think that's not very much money, but last year product red brought in over 7 billion dollars. Which in return went to 136 countries, to help out with some 460 programs. Just how much can purchasing one of these products give. Well Carlie Otten bought a product(red) shirt from Gap. According to Product red the profits from that one shirt will provide 41 doses of HIV prevention medicine to mother and infant. Another purchaser Dollie Vanhoose, bought a product(red) razor. According to product(red) the profits from the sale of one phone can provide HIV treatment for 200 pregnant women. So you can really help less fortunate people by getting buying a product(red) item.

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