Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

I can relate to Jessica L. when she wrote about bruise in her article. I agree to the article because even though girls and boys try to hide their faces because they are hurt, they do not want to show it to anybody. In the article it tells the... (more »)
Sticks n' Stones
By , Ormond Beach, FL
“There is nothing on this Earth more to be prized than true friendship.”  - Thomas Aquinas When I just turned turned eleven, I was bullied by my best friends. The betrayal I experienced was so traumatizing I’m... (more »)
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Health Class Failure This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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I remember sitting in my health class at school. I remember the weather – 72 degrees, partly sunny – the kind of days that we love in the Midwest after long winters. We were talking about sex, and I remember just waiting and hoping... (more »)
Just Me
By , Dallas, TX
 I have made a horrible image for myself, the girl who will date any loser who walks up.   Hopeless   The to skinny girl who doesn't eat lunch just because she thinks she is too messy.   Unwanted My life wasnt all so bad, in... (more »)
Food for Thought
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I found "Food for thought", by Pepper P. very interesting because in the beginning I didn't understand why the employee of the fast food place was reacting the way he did, but when i realized why, i found it extremely rude and... (more »)
Equality in Sports Open Letter
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Dear Middle School Boys, Today I’m going to inform you about an issue I feel not only affects me, but other young women. Have you ever been in gym class and picked someone last for the kickball team because of a minor issue-... (more »)
Open Letter to Simon Mund
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Dear Simon,   Seriously. Why did you choose to pick on a kindergartener when you were a 3rd grader?   When you bullied Shawn, I was a small, tiny, little kindergartener. But I had a big voice. I stood up to you, a 3rd... (more »)
To All the Men Who Think Guys Are Stronger Than...
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To all the men that think guys are stronger than girls, Really? When makes you think that men have more potential than women? I am a 12 year old girl who has listened to boys take advantage of girls for years. I mainly hear this... (more »)
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No one knows her name. No one knows who she is. No one knows who she used to be. No one, no one can never know that she missed her true vibrant bold self.  She missed being that poised girl with beauty surrounding her. With her straight... (more »)
Top Signs You've Been Bullied
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Sign 1: It occured/occurs repeatedly and often. If you've been or you are being picked on more than three times in rapid sequence, it's bullying.   Sign 2: You're being dragged down emotionally. If someone is... (more »)
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What is the reason for people bullying other people? Don’t they know it just makes them look bad? I guess they wouldn’t, because everyone laughs with them, so they think they’re being funny. When people are bullying, they... (more »)
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Just an ordinary day, so I thought. I started rushing to get my shoes on. My heart feels like it’s beating faster than race car coming for the win. I got this random text from my best friend. She had enough with the bullying from school,... (more »)
Causes Of Bullying
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Bullying is a situation that is affecting young kids lives. Clearly bullying has to be stopped. Bullying is causing depression, lost of sleep, and the bully may need help.   Naturally the ones that are bullied start feeling... (more »)
If I Could, I Would
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“If I could, I would” I hear that a lot from people who compliment an outfit of mine or hairstyle. I find myself looking back at that statement and must respond to that as “yes, you can”. It shows the level of confidence... (more »)
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You probably read the title and said what’s that? Unfortunately, it’s a kind of racism we do and face everyday. Ever passed by a group of people at school and said here are the failures? How do u know that they are all such... (more »)
Bullying: My Experience
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August 31,2008 was the day a vicious predator found its prey, or when the prey found it’s end. Before I danced with the devil my second-grade year was fantastic my teacher liked me, me and my best friend had the same class, everything was... (more »)
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