Most Recent Bullying Articles

Here are the most recent bullying articles:

Stop Bullying
By , Williamsport, PA
 Dear Mr. Trump:   Schools need money to stop bullying. Do you or do you not think schools need money for bullying?  Well I think so and I'm am going to give you some reasons why children are taking their lives.... (more »)
A Letter of Apology
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I’m sorry that I couldn’t understand. That each lie, though bizarre, or wondrous or horrible, was in its essence, a truth.  That each stuttering murmur of a useless false statement was a battle cry, a call to arms to fight for a... (more »)
Modern Media and Cyber Bullying
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Modern media is a very accurate and abundant tool to use for information, homework,etc., and we are very privileged that we have access to this great opportunity that not many people have, or can afford in other countries. Theoretically,... (more »)
Bullying Epidemic
By , San Diego, CA
Look at all the kids dying thanks to bullying. According to statistics, 70% of kids in the United States are being bullied. That’s a lot of kids! And 85% of school shootings have been linked to bullying. Now with harsher punishments,... (more »)
We Wear the Mask
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Do you feel cold and lost in desperation You build up hope but failure’s all you’ve known Remember all the sadness and frustration And let it go (“Iridescent” Linkin Park.  A Thousand Suns) This quote... (more »)
Some Suffer in Silence
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As I scavenged through the kitchen for food, I heard my sister jumping in the living room. Once she made her way to where I stood, her face was blushed red. She gasped for air as she jumped towards the trash can. “What are you... (more »)
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One time when i was in elementary school i had a friend named augustin and he was being bullied so i had to help him because ima good friendĀ  so we went up to him and said why you bullying him and i sat there the next day and seen him getting... (more »)
Sticks and Stones MAY Break My Bones, But Words...
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Throughout our lives we are constantly told words will never hurt us, but in reality woords are the deadliest weapon. People call you ugly, fat, skinny and smart no matter what the label is it hurts. We are put in groups and if we don't keep up... (more »)
By , San Antonio, TX
I am 15 years old and have been bullied practically my whole life. When I entered high school most of my friends went to a different school. I met a boy who I shared two classess with. This boy began to tell me to kill myself. After a couple of... (more »)
Letter to English Department
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Dear English Department, I strongly believe that “Macbeth,” by William Shakespeare should stay a large part of the curriculum. While the poetry is beautiful and the plot is interesting, the main reason I think this is because... (more »)
Toxic Friendships
By , Sacramento, CA
Toxic friends, what are they exactly? I recently have lost a friendship due to her being what some may call toxic. The phrase "toxic friend" is used to describe the friends who tear you down, who don't do anything to help build... (more »)
My Opinion on Bullying
By , Wilmington , DE
Bullying is a big issue in this generation, in fact it is the most popular things in the public schools. In my opinion i see bullying as a pointless thing . Why do people bully others, thats a big question. My answer to that is that those who... (more »)
The Bullying Epidemic
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Amber Cornwell had a promising future ahead of her. She was an honor roll student, an athlete, and the crush of many guys at her school. Sadly, this would also put a target for bullying on her back. On December 20th, 2014, Cornwell decided that... (more »)
Dreams Do Come True
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Dreams do come true. Everyone in their lives has a dream or some type of goal that they wish to achieve. Finding the way to achieve your dreams, goals, and aspirations is an epic journey all on its own. It takes discipline, determination, and... (more »)
Dear Customer
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Hey F*****!   I only have a few things. I was stunned when you called me that ugly word out loud at my job, because your to-go box cost too much. Almost the entire store heard it, and I felt demeaned and humiliated. For someone who... (more »)
I can relate to Jessica L. when she wrote about bruise in her article. I agree to the article because even though girls and boys try to hide their faces because they are hurt, they do not want to show it to anybody. In the article it tells the... (more »)
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