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By awesome_writer BRONZE
Lahore, Other

So in the recent years I have came to notice a very misleading and critical topic regarding hate and offence to a specific race. Now for me any kind of racial hate etc is seriously...
awesome_writer BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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opportunities don't come to you , you make them for yourself, BY yourself....

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By dj32371 BRONZE
Cresskill, New Jersey
dj32371 BRONZE, Cresskill, New Jersey
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By thedymphna BRONZE
New Delhi, Other
thedymphna BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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Put good out into the world and good will come back to you

Bella_Queen DIAMOND, Plymouth, Ohio
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Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.
-Walt Whitman

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By maygong SILVER
Wellesley, Massachusetts
maygong SILVER, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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carleeraelyn0 BRONZE, Ontario, New York
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“i am very small....and i have no money. so you can imagine the kind of stress i’m under.” - John Mulaney

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By Gretachie BRONZE
Castellarano, Other
Gretachie BRONZE, Castellarano, Other
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Dream until your dreams became reality

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By sfurbish01 BRONZE
Meredith, New Hampshire
sfurbish01 BRONZE, Meredith, New Hampshire
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