One thing shouldnt stop you

March 21, 2013
When I was a kid I could see perfectly fine and I still can now sometimes. When I was younger I had gotten something in my eyes and it had caused blindness but all my other senses were doubled so I could know if someone was sneaking up on me or anything. But my eyes kind of look weird and I'm bullied for it every day poeple think they can say anything they want or do anything they want to me and i wont see it coming. I have recently been slammed into the lockers, had my arm broke, and my right arm stabbed but I wont let that stop me I'm going to be a motivational for all the kids that are bullied to this day I still do things I love and sometimes my vision comes back to me but only for a little while. Thank you for taking your time and letting me tell you about my life.

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