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Homeroom Hostage

February 8, 2013
By Kenziemcm13 PLATINUM, Rutherfordton, North Carolina
Kenziemcm13 PLATINUM, Rutherfordton, North Carolina
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Wednesday March 15, 7:35 am sharp, homeroom just began, it was just another typical day at my typical high school. It started out like any other day. The bell rang and the class settle down, there was only 18 of us in this class. My English teacher Mr.Bowler cleared his throat and began his daily lesson. "Today we will discuss our reading assignments." he said. And as the groans filled the room we started our typical routine.

45 minutes went by and then we heard the sound that would forever change our lives. The sound of a loud gun shot rung our ears, the whole class got silent. No one made a sound, we all stared at our teacher as he looked at the door. Then the alarms began to go off, it was a code red. Which meant we had an intruder. No one knew if this was a drill or the real deal. As the siren blared Mr.Bowler told us to quickly move towards the opposite end of the room. As he began to close the blinds and lock the door, I hurried towards the back where we all crouched down by the wall.

I felt my heart began to race, I gulped and turned to my best friend Liz. I asked her if this was a drill and she just shrugged her shoulders and said she hoped it was. Mr.Bowler walked towards us and reassured us everything would be okay. But I had a gut feeling he was lying. As we sat there huddled up close by that cold white painted brick wall, we heard it again, then twice more. Gun shots. Everyone began whispering, a few girls started to cry, I grabbed Liz's hand and held it tight.

That was when we heard someone running down the hall crying in pain. I closed my eyes and prayed to myself. We heard another gun shot which seemed much closer now. My hands were shaking everyone was afraid. And then foot steps. It was so quiet nothing but the sound of footsteps outside our door. As another shot was fired I jumped and quivered in fear. Liz squeezed my hand harder.

The steps came closer and then the door handle began to turn. Silent. No one dared move or made a sound. The door was being pushed and hit. Whoever the gun shooter was struggled to get into room 54. Mr.Bowler motioned for us to stay quiet as he stood up and walked towards the cabinet aliened the wall. He moved closer towards the door, the captain of the football team stood up and walked over towards Mr.Bowler. We all stared as the door broke opened.

The mystery shooter's was Kyle Johnson, a "emo" kid who wore thick black rimmed glasses and was picked on and teased since middle school, and Ronald his best friend another outcast. They both wore big black jackets and each held a pistol in one hand with a rifle in the other. Ronald moved towards us and moved the gun in front of us intimidating us with his power. Mr.Bowler stood there and began trying to talk to Kyle and said,"Young man please, please don't do this. Lets just put the gun down and talk, it is okay if you stop now you wont get in any trouble I promise." There was fear in his voice. Kyle turned towards him and began to grin his devilish smile he licked his lips and said," What? No! I dare you to stop me! Try! Go ahead! Try!!" He then held the pistol up and within a second shot our English teacher straight in the chest.

A screech filled the room and the football jock stunned watch as Mr.Bowler's body slid down the cabinet. Kyle quickly turn the gun towards the teenager and said,"Remember me?" The jock attempted to grab his hand in order to remove the weapon but was shot in the shoulder. As he fell back and pleaded for his life Kyle shot him dead in the head.

I sat there scared to move as Ronald held the gun a foot away from my face. I saw Liz began to cry in the corner of my eye. I squeezed her hand for some comfort. Kyle walked over towards us and asked Amber a scholar student if she believed in God. She said yes in between crying and he asked why. She told him because He is our savior. POP! She was shot I turned my head away and heard three more shots. Two others were killed one wounded. I began crying as Ronald walked towards me and Liz.

Cop sirens began to pierce our ears. That was when Ronald and Kyle scurried towards the door and shut it. They started to whisper to one another. They began to push tables in front of the door. I turned towards Liz and asked her what we should do we both turned towards Justin who sat there crying. I had never seen a top star basketball player cry before. As all 15 of us sat there fearing what was going to happen next.

Kyle turned around and stormed towards us scolded at us for talking and demanded that we stayed still or he would kill us. They paced back and forth checking the window every few seconds whispering to one another. We heard the cops say over there microphones "Come out with your hands up." Then we heard the doors opening to the school. They were there to rescue us. I'm going to live I said to myself. I'm going to live! The shooters started to worry and became angry they walked towards us again. There hostages huddle up scared stiffless.

They said they was not going down like this. It was not the "plan." Kyle turned to Ronald and signaled for him to do it. They pulled out their guns and started shooting all of us. We pleaded and cried. I started to pray once more. I squeezed Liz's hand and moved closer towards her. Kyle walked over in front of me and held the gun dead in front of Liz. She pleaded and begged I did the same. POW! Her grip on my hand loosened and I turned towards her as her white buttoned up shirt stained with bright red blood. I bawled and she gasped for breathe, once more before her body became lifeless. Kyle laughed sickly and smiled as he pulled the trigger I cried and screamed, begged POW! It was over. The bullet pierced my shoulder, my head hit the wall, the pain spread throughout my body like a wild fire. I closed my eyes. Heard three more shots. And opened my eyes just to see Kyle hold the gun to his head and shoot himself while Ronald did the same.

I went unconscious and woke up on a gurney, with an oxygen mask over my mouth while a young man kept repeating, "You have been shot, but we are taking you to the Emergency Room. No need to worry." I laid there and allowed my eyes to scheme the metal box area.

I awoken again in a hospital bed where a cop was asking me if I could remember anything about being one of the hostages. Hostage that is what they called me. News reports, interviews, and people recognizing me as one of the surviving hostages of that horrible incident that changed our small town school forever. During the "incident" when Kyle and Ronald held us in that room and began the end of there life, I never thought of myself as a hostage. Just more of a high schooler who was having a not so typical Wednesday. Never a hostage.

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