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November 26, 2018
By Kingkan2122 BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
Kingkan2122 BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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1 in 3 U.S. Students each year are bullied. They also tend to feel depressed, and sometimes having suicidal thoughts. Although these testimonies are from the people who didn’t commit suicide.However even more people have bullied, and are being bullied; but they are too afraid to stand up for themselves. I am part of that ⅓ percentile that has been bullied. Now let me tell you one of my stories from the second grade when I was being bullied by a kid named Jude.

One fateful day in May, I was having an particularly bad day. Back then I was considered having A.D.H.D., and I would have a record of how I acted that day. On that current day I was failing spectacularly in school, I was hyperactive, I wasn’t paying attention, or capable of doing anything right it seemed. After art class, we had lunch and finally recess, although there was one thing that was not enjoyable (excluding Jude) it was the track. Each day, everybody at recess had to do two laps. Although it that wasn’t that bad; but it was taking away from recess time which I hated. After I finished my laps I was walking to the soccer field where the guys were playing tackle football (we weren’t technically allowed to but the recess supervisors never cared).  After a while Jude finished his laps he started playing with us. Now of course he decided to guard me this is when he started talking to me saying “Hey fatman (the odd part about this is that he was in the second grade and weighed over 100 lbs) I couldn't tell if you were waving to me or it was just the fat on your hand jiggling”. To that I replied “ Shut up Jude”. It went like that back and forth until when we were lining up to go back to class. That was when he made his fatal mistake. He was continuing to annoy me when suddenly he said “ Hey I heard that your brother is so dumb he can't even say the ABCs”. That's when he crossed the line now what he said wasn't true my brother could say the ABCs but I didn't; care nobody, and I mean nobody can disrespect my family. At that moment I slapped him on the head and then CRACK. He fell down and at first he was silent then he started crying his eyes out. The recess paras came to us ,and asked “what on earth just happened” ,and I told them “nothing” ( they had that look on their faces’ like I know you lying). A few moments later in awkward silence I told them what happened, then the things that happened next were a blur but the most amazing thing about the incident is that I didn't get in trouble. Apparently they believed that injuries came from hitting the pavement not from me hitting him. The thing is though the cracking noise came before he hit the ground ,it came at the same exact time I hit him in the head. Over all nothing bad came from the incident (from my perspective), Jude stop bullying me, I didn't get in trouble, and nobody tried to mess with me again.

Now I know all of you are thinking where's the moral, where's the lesson of the story were getting there but first some other things. This doesn't mean that bullying isn't a serious problem, a lot of people kill themselves because of bullying. Even after this I still got bullied. After the second grade I switched back to my old school and continued to get bullied until the 5th grade when the police came to my house because somebody at school called me part of Al Qaeda and a kid believed it and told their parents who told the cops. I had to switch schools after that. The moral of this story is to stand up for yourself if you're getting bullied, and the second moral is that sometimes adults (and kids) can be very dumb.

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It's a story that may connect with a lot of readers and may make them laugh at some points

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