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A Story Some May Have Lived But in Their Own Way

November 27, 2016
By Sofia_Gonz07 GOLD, San Marcos, CA, California
Sofia_Gonz07 GOLD, San Marcos, CA, California
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Sometimes I go to school and as I walk in through the gates I have that one, strange feeling that something is going to take place. And no matter how much times I guess, I won't be able to assume right. As the day goes on, I'll say hi to my table mates and go along with however my teacher's are, kind, yet watchful, strict, yet generous, strange, yet hopeful. I appreciate the times when they are patient with their students, but through that all, I am still full of wonder. One day when I felt this way I ran the mile and got my best time yet, 8:15, my throat stung a bit, but I couldn't possibly ignore my pride. After P.e, I headed to science, silent, yet positive. When one of my table mates asked me something, I didn't answer. That had never been a part of me ever in my life. Though, eventually my science teacher then announced what we would be doing today: a science lab. That lifted my hopes up, I had it all planned out, I would set the measurements and he would inflate, but once I spoke my voice came out hoarse. At first I thought that that voice belonged to someone else, perhaps someone at the table nearby, but when I continued to speak it got worse, I got embarassed, though he seemed to not have noticed that my voice had changed. It must have been the run, I thought to myself. And it was, because my legs were sore and I had run at a speed I hadn't trained myself for. Hours later, the same tablemate that sat beside me in my second class sat behind me with other tablemates for our last class. It was only weeks before he had switched to a new seat. I had never been able to realize why or how he sat there. Before, his assaigned seat was to the table to the far right of the one he sat in now. As I was working on my warm up in Language Arts class, I was sorting out my words for how I was going to explain how a 3 page suspense story had gone to a 5 page one. I had asked a friend in that class if she knew whether or not there were limits for how long our suspense story could be a day before today, she said no. As much as I believed her, trusted her, I still wanted to make sure. Minutes later, I was on my phone again, this time sending an email to my teacher. I was extremely anxious to know what his opinions were about the length of my suspense story and whether or not it was acceptable. About an hour later, I had gotten my response from him, he'd said it was alright, that he relied on me and my reasons  for why my story was that long, and that he'd love it if I presented it to the class. Instantly, a wave of relief rushed in me and I knew what I was going to do first thing in that class. Soon enough I had finished my warm up, I had thought that I would be alright presenting in front of the class, but a 5 page long suspense story was something highly challenging to read aloud without your voice stuttering when you had stage freight. Hesitantly, I stared at the clip board where everyone else had signed up to present something they had written- I did not sign up. Yet my teacher had recalled the email I had sent him last night and he knew that only once did I not present something to the class when we had author's chair(it is when you sign your name on the clip board and when you go up there you present, you are the author, and the podium is your chair). Two students went before me and I clapped, suddenly frozen in my seat as I realized he could call me at any moment, even if my name was not there. "Tall one." he said, that was the nickname he had given me, with this name many knew who I was and what I could do. I stood up, smiling rather weakly as I headed up to the podium. I told everyone that I wrote stories and that that was the main reason to why my suspense story had a length of 5 pages. Of course, they chose to speak amongst themselves  in astonishment. My legs shook as I stood there and my hands were sweating at a rather breath-taking speed. I was in no shape to look at my audience. As soon as they quieted down, I began to speak. I hardened my voice and put pressure on my feet. The silence of the room made me uneasy, so my voice held no comfort, I had no confidence in me. But as I got to the back of the first page, I heard a laugh and it woke me up, bringing me to my senses. I spoke as if my life depended on it, and before I knew it I had reached the top of the mountain of my bravery. 


You're probably wondering why I chose to tell you all about this, isn't this a bit humiliating? Yes, it kind of is, but there are multiple people out there who are like me. There is the kind of person whose voice you cannot hear but is special, there is the kind of person whose voice rings clear and victorious. At some point the people who are rather successful right about now encountered wearisome obstacles throughout their life. So let me tell you, you are not alone. Find your voice. And no matter how much you want to renounce, move on forward. Sometimes hardship wants to get the best of you, but you just have to refuse, fight, and achieve.


Thank you, and have a good day,


The author's comments:

People face their own sort of fears, to tell you the truth, I have never been able to defeat my fear of speaking in front of a large audience. But with this experience, I got a chance to defeat a fair portion of it. Always aim for what your heart wants, not for what others want for you. If you want to be rid of something, go on and defeat it, but if someone wishes for you to be rid of something you do or have, and you do not want to be rid of it, refuse for you are the boss of yourself, not your friends, not your family, not your teachers. So please..Only do what your heart or you wish for. 

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