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Review of Poems of Apology

October 26, 2015
By HumbleBee SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
HumbleBee SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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H. Cabral's "3 Poems of Apology" was both relieving and difficult to read.  By difficult, I mean that it was so truthful and honest that it filled me with grief, reminding me of the same issues in my own life that I regret and want to apologize for.  It was relieving to see that, unfortunately, other people have regrets and apologies weighing their brains down too.  I relate to this article especially because of my closeness to my parents and my Christian faith, and I worry about the same things Cabral writes so well about.  I love the blunt phrasing of "I'm sorry I took down my pigtails and ripped off the streamers from my bike."  It shows how the smallest things have so much meaning in our lives; events that didn't matter that much to us in beginning come back to haunt us when we realize how it affected others, and Cabral does a great job at relaying the feelings of regret and desire to go back and change the past.

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