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You Are Anorexia

January 13, 2014
By LittleMissLostInParadise GOLD, Cumberland, Virginia
LittleMissLostInParadise GOLD, Cumberland, Virginia
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"We live in a strange bubble"
-Brian Molko

There are a few people who can see you inside of them, and can spot you lurking behind corners and under beds. They can see you in their hungry eyes and in between each protruding rib. They succumb to your insults like I do, and submit to fasting and self-harm. We are a band of brothers and sisters of all ages and ethnicities. We are bound by a common goal; drop the pounds. Loose the weight around waists, arms, and hearts. Break free of the chains and fly, a weightless bubble, above the world.
No one outside can understand. They can’t see why we won’t eat like normal folks, or why we obsess over the calories, the pounds dropped, the inches gained… they will never relate. They will never break through to us, no matter how they force and push. We are a separate existence, a whole world you will never understand or fully relate too; aliens with empty bodies and eyes full to the brim, with hearts like ripe fruit; ready to burst.

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