September 7, 2012
By Everlasting_Love SILVER, Burbank, Illinois
Everlasting_Love SILVER, Burbank, Illinois
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It's not about the breaths you take, it's about the people who take your breath away♥

They always say love comes to those who wait, but what if you’ve been waiting for what seems like forever? Evert time you meet a new guy, you always make up excuses that make him seem like “the one”, when in reality he’s an even BIGGER asshole than the one before him. It seems like you have NO luck with guys and nothing EVER goes the way you want it to. But is doesn’t seem that way at first. At first it seems like something might actually go good for ONCE! Then everything crashes and burns. You sit and think, “Damn, I can’t have things go my way for ONCE?!?” Your life has been in a downward spiral for the past several months and you want a break from all the negative outcomes, but you never get it. As most people say, love SUCKS! Sure it’s good for a while but all teenage love ends the same way. Someone’s heart ALWAYS gets broken in the end. But, you go for it anyway, because you think that someway and somehow things will end up perfect just for you. But, guess what? You don’t get your happy ending. What most guys don’t get is how much they might actually mean to a girl. A girl might cry for hours over a guy and he won’t even suspect that. Also, guys tend to only judge a girl on her looks. They never even give her a chance to show them what she really is on the inside. Another thing guys need to work on is to stop caring about what their friends think about the girl they want to date. Back to my point, guys need to start being more considerate of a girls feelings before they do something stupid. Otherwise they’re going to end up hurting the person who cares about them the most! In conclusion, love truly does suck! And there’s NOT A THING we can do about it.

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All my past boyfriends inspired this one(: lmao

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