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April 7, 2011
By ForgottenSomeHow PLATINUM, Harrison, Arkansas
ForgottenSomeHow PLATINUM, Harrison, Arkansas
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Many Things Are Said,
Many Words Are Meant,
It's The One's That Hurt You The Most,
You Don't Never Forget.

Everyone has them, no one can change them. There are always there. It is what makes you, you. I think if we all stood up to this world, we might actually make it, from the little things to the big. It wouldn’t matter; the emotions that you have depend on what you are going to do in this world. You always have to be strong, and caring to what others have to say.
This world was not made for us to use up all the resources; it was made for us to live a happy life. But your emotions are what make you feel different about what we have, need, and want about things. We at this moment in life, we are being greedy, and what we need to be is needy. But your emotions need to be controlled before you can do anything else.

The author's comments:
Emotions are what make you you,
learn how to control them.

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