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why skateboarding inspires teen and kids

January 14, 2011
By mac markey BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
mac markey BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Skateboarding inspires kids and teens all over the world. People skate to get out of trouble and to get out of the house. Skating is like a never ending joy ride. This is a opportunity for kids to have a chance to have a good life. Skateboarding supplies skaters with a sweet sport to get in to and to be great at. As soon as you get in to the sport you don't ever lose interest in that kinda sport. Even if you don't skate you can still be inspired to be sport or to be a Filmer or a photographer for skating

I feel that skateboarding gives me something to live for and to have support in when i have nothing. I haven't always skated but since i started i have felt a part of something that people recognize me for and enjoy watching me do. Its enjoying ,exciting, as you make a crowd of friend scream.It has also helped me make more friends. If you start skating allot of good things will happen to you. You can change and inspire people to try new thing and try new styles by one trick that's all someone needs . Also a lot of bad things can happen to you too. When something bad happens its allot of ,head thumping and arms and legs bleeding, but at the end of a good day of skating its all worth it.

Skateboarding is similar to a roller coaster they're always up and downs literally. That doesn't stop people from skateboarding. Skating has been around since the 1940s. People are sick of skaters because they think they are bad people and that they don't have any respect,but why should the sport die. people haven't had a problem with skateboarders since that 1940s so why should they now .Millions of people love watching the X GAMES and the shows on TV so this sport should be respected more than what it is. “Its guaranteed that pro skaters will be around for a very long time” Bam Margera said. This wont be true unless people get inspired to skate and make a difference in skating history.

Skating has changed life's for hundreds of kids from all over the world. Skateboarding has became one of the most famous sports since there has been so many commercials and shows to inspire more and more people to get started in the sport.There are now 18.5 million skaters in the world. 85% of those are around 18 and 74% of those are males. It doesn't matter what sex you are everyone can skate, there are no limits to skateboarding So we always need good new skaters,so don't stop skating or you definitely start it a great way to spend free time. These are the reasons teens and kids get inspired to skate so add to the population and start skating. I guaranty someone will inspire you to take that sport to a whole new level.

The author's comments:
my inspiration to write this piece come from skating and how much i enjoy it

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bamen3000 said...
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this article changed my thought about skateboarding.