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Gum in a Nutshell

October 21, 2010
By squalur996 GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
squalur996 GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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What is it about gum? I find myself smacking in a juicy piece of Five and suddenly I feel amazing. Just watching those done-up girls chewing up their beauty in front of the teachers is so unsettling to watch. Even just to their friends it’s as if they scream, “look at me! looks at me!” Why can’t I do it too? Use my charm and “bad-girl” image to be just that amazing. Because thats what gum is like, a street way to the easiest way to be bad. Because all of society has us thinking guys are looking for these bad girls. So it comes to my mind when I pop in some of that unsettlingly delicious new Mint Chocolate Chip by Wrigley's, that I am the essence of rebellion. That I am just teeming with confidence. That it should be taken notice I chew gum too.

I didn’t use to like gum. It never really radiated with an attractive glow it did to everyone else. But then in junior high, one day it hit me when I finally said yes to a piece of Layers during class. And it tasted delicious! But I also didn’t feel so lame admitting I didn’t like gum too. Mostly I had this ultra feeling of being secretly bad when I wasn’t caught. That day my eyes held a taciturn glow in them.

Yet slowly the flavor disappears and I have nothing left. I get up and spit the gum out and hope no one notices. And I go back to just being me...left with a minty tingle in my mouth and most probably a tired out jaw from my frequent chewing. Then I think....

“I mean who would have thought Wrigley’s could do all this?”

The author's comments:
It really bothers me when girls smack their gum while they talk to you. So one day it got me thinking. What is it about gum?

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