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Technologies negative impact on Teens

February 15, 2010
By Ashley McNally BRONZE, Moraga, California
Ashley McNally BRONZE, Moraga, California
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Everyday an average teenager spends up to 8 hours on electronic devices, which is more than 56 hour in one week (Schulten). How much is too much? Technology is advancing every minute of everyday. New phones, computers and other electronic devices are improving and outshining last year’s or even last week’s devices. Teens are obsessing over having the newest and best phone, computer or Ipod. Since teens are using technology devices everyday, they are beginning to isolate themselves from family and friends while limiting their communications skills. Technology is continuing to advance; however it is consequently affecting teenagers.
Teens are becoming addicted to technology, making them isolated from the real world. Teens mostly communicate through texting, online chatting or facebook. Teens have stopped picking up the phone to call a friend or family member. Without verbal communication skills, what will happen to the future generations? Not only are cell phones and computers negatively isolating teens, Ipods are too. About 86% of teens own an Ipod or MP3 player (Reinburg). Ipod and MP3 players also isolate teens by putting them into their own world instead of communicating with others. The appearance is also isolating because the head phones in teen’s ears hints that they just want to listen to music. While headphones are on it is hard to get a good conversation going. These electronics are isolating teens and causing their verbal communication skills to hinder.

Teens argue that cell phones are a quick easy way to contact family and friends. However teens are becoming “glued” to their phones. 75% of teens own a cell phone and 87% of them send and receive text messages everyday (Reinburg). Teens are constantly receiving messages and texting back whether it is at a family dinner, a movie or while driving a vehicle. They just cannot put their phones down. California has enforced a law to prohibit using cell phones while driving due to the numerous amounts of accidents. Even in school, teens are texting during class distracting them from the teacher’s lecture. Electronics result in spending less time with family and friends. They also can be dangerously distracting from schoolwork and driving. While cell phones can be an easy way to contact someone, teens are using them in an obsessive manner.

Not only are teens not paying attentions during class; they are also taking the “text language” into their real writing assignments. 38% of teens say that they have used text shortcuts in schoolwork such as “LOL” (which stands for “laugh out loud”)(Lenhart). Abbreviations and slang created for texting does not follow proper English grammar. Since teens are constantly texting, they subconsciously use this language in schoolwork. The teen texting language is limiting teen’s vocabulary and written communication skills.
Although technology advancements are improving the world, teens need to be careful to avoid the negative consequences. Teens need to avoid addiction to electronics and isolation from family and friends. Instead, teens should engage in verbal conversation more frequently. To avoid electronic distractions, teens must follow school rules and state laws. Phones should be put away during class or while driving. Finally, teens need to utilize proper English grammar as much as possible during formal writing assignments. Awareness of the consequences and trying alternatives will help teens enjoy technology advancements in a positive manner.

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