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Bay Area Students Effectively Solve Online Educational Barriers

May 20, 2022
By PiyaDevidasani BRONZE, San Ramon, California
PiyaDevidasani BRONZE, San Ramon, California
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Revoteen, a revolutionary student-to-student (S2S) platform founded by California-based high school students, is connecting international students to impactful organizations and volunteering efforts – resulting in better career preparations for students in overseas markets. 

Since the platform launched in 2020, 5000+ users across 70+ countries are using Revoteen to connect with 400+ opportunities.

Aditya Jain, Co-founder and CEO of Revoteen, is a rising senior at Dougherty Valley High School and says students in countries such as India are finding a community of like-minded, ambitious students through the platform.

“Since students began to join the platform, they have been rounding out their typically academic and standardized test-prep focus with STEM extracurriculars that are preparing them better for future opportunities in tech in other markets,” Jain says.

Revoteen has secured funding from the leading global university admissions and mentoring company, Crimson Education, which is reportedly valued at USD $460M. Crimson has taken a minority stake in Revoteen and Crimson’s entrepreneurial co-founder and CEO, Jamie Beaton, has joined Revoteen as their first appointment to the advisory board.

This social equity-focused investment comes after a group of Bay Area teens responsible for driving Revoteen’s growth applied to the Crimson Youth Fund – the philanthropic arm of Crimson Education focused on supporting grassroots initiatives –  to supercharge its reach, having attracted widespread attention quickly following the platform’s launch. The Revoteen app has helped students principally succeed in finding new opportunities and initiatives focused on volunteering. Tutoring and mentorship remain the most popular themes, with featured initiatives such as the ‘Sunrise Movement’ and ‘Teens United’ calling for student involvement through the platform.

Jain says Beaton’s appointment to be the first advisory board member for the platform will provide priceless advice from a business enhancement and a personal development standpoint.


Beaton says as we approach a post-pandemic world, more young students around the world will be seeking opportunities to connect while filling in their extracurricular and entrepreneurial gaps.

“Online education is having a profound impact on how students are preparing for their higher education and career pathways outside of traditional classrooms. We’ve seen for the past eight years now at Crimson, how providing online spaces for students to connect with peers and mentors to develop extracurricular opportunities can change the course of their entire future,” Beaton says.

Beaton says a combination of ambition, software development literacy, and business acumen have provided the students with essential tools to power the app to achieve its current footprint.

“Revoteen has been an amazing experience that has already taught me invaluable lessons about entrepreneurship and leadership, and I’m excited for what’s next in our journey with the help of Mr. Beaton and Crimson,” Jain says.

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