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Freshman Year of High School!

August 11, 2019
By Living-the-best-life BRONZE, Clarksburg, West Virginia
Living-the-best-life BRONZE, Clarksburg, West Virginia
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" The best you can do for yourself is keep moving forward, and keep your head high!"

Just days until my freshman year of high school i dont know how to feel. Should i feel nervous, happy, sad, scared, or maybe even angry? I dont know if you could call me different, but lots even most seem to hate school. But to be honest i love everything about it! So as school is coming closer and closer, it is exciting for me! Now as i said i was excited for school its true i am excited, just maybe a good bit nervous of my first year og high school. But im sure there is many teens out there who were scare/nervous as i am.

Trying to prepare myself for first day of high school is a little hard, but i also have to remember you can never prepare for what life throws at you. i guess you could say just go with the flow. Which i believe if i "Go with the flow" my first day of high school everything could go great in the end. The thing im most nervous about is grades. Yes my family and friends say im smart. But even smart people can have struggles in school, right? But everyone does struggle wether its for a different reason or not, we all do.

In the end all i can do is hear lots of advice from people who have been in high school, and hope for the best! Now even though i haven't went into my freshman year yet, just know keep your head high! Even if its not for your first day of school!! Stay positive, even in the worse of times in life!


                                                                                           Sabbath :)

The author's comments:

Here im just telling you all the true struggles of my life. Yes its not the biggest struggle, but i do have my struggles. So thats why i say "Be the best you can be!" Also from this authors book i read on here, here is a quote from him. "The reason for life is not to live or die, it is everything in between..." ~Bryce G.


Hope you all have a great day or night! :)))


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