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What Drives You

May 1, 2019
By Lv122791 BRONZE, Hemet, California
Lv122791 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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Every day we drive, whether it is driving your car or driving your mom insane. Everyday someone gets in a car, puts the key in, and goes somewhere. Driving has become a key factor to our lives and it becomes more important everyday. Although getting in the front seat doesn’t seem all that exciting to me. I am the youngest in my friend group so I get to experience all of them growing up and getting their license before I do. The generation that we have become a part of is so dependent on driving, that it truly drives me insane. I feel there is more pressure to become a driver. Pressure from family so you can be your little brothers chauffeur to his baseball games. Pressure from your friends so you can meet them at the movies and go get ice cream with them. Pressure from life in general so you can become a part of it.

There are so many great benefits to becoming a driver and it is all exciting. It can make a person feel so free. The way you can drive with the wind in your hair, and how you can go see whatever it is you want to see. How you are able to listen to the music however you’d like without having it changed right before the epic beat drop. You feel so free, and in control of where you are going.

Driving can feel like walking in the hallways getting to your next class. It is a crazy rush feeling but with some good tunes you can do it. You just have to walk in the right lane keep your eyes forward and be aware of your surroundings. You don’t want to get too close or you can bump into someone, which is can be pretty dangerous. Driving can be like the rush you get when you make eye contact with that cute boy in your math class. The feeling that can make your stomach drop, the feeling of being alive. Lots of little decisions we make might put someone at risk. It’s small things you can't take back, and they’re things that end up happening.

Driving to me feels scary. Like a nightmare I can't shake out of. Maybe it's because I don’t want to grow up, and I want to run off to neverland. Maybe it's because I’m scared to hurt someone in the process. Maybe it's because I am scared to get hurt in the end. As each day passes and I get older, I realize I get to drive more and more. My parents hand me the keys. They let me put the key in the car and steer. They let me make my decisions, they let me drive my life. Driving is scary because you don’t feel like you’re the one who has to go. The rush can at times feel like too much that you want to slow down, but life doesn’t let you because there is a limit. There are rules you have to stay within, therefore you have to keep going. Or like how Dory said in Finding Nemo “ just keep swimming”, you have to keep swimming through the crazy things life throws at you. Everyday we get to drive whether its driving your car or your mom insane. Everyday there are choices made, and things you have to go through. Although there always has to be that power that drives you to do the right thing. Through all the pressures to drive, driving can be so amazing. Driving can take you amazing places. Driving can make you learn more about yourself.

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