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Here are the most recent thriller/mystery articles:

The Curse of the Amosquiato Trout
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    It was just another day on earth. Everyone going to work, kids at school and the birds are chirping. Since a few years, all conflicts had stopped and everyone became friends. Everyone said hello to their neighbours through... (more »)
Camp Mendacium
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  “Oh my gosh, this camp is super boring, I can’t wait till I get home,” Lainey, a camp counselor overhears from a group of kids. She denies how anyone can find her camp boring, as there are bonfires, a lake,... (more »)
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The kitchen that was once used for making food fit for all taste buds danced in and out of view. The kitchen will help me achieve want needs to be achieved. He squirmed like a snake in my fist fighting for some deadly dignity. Except I have... (more »)
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My name is Cordelia Colvert. I just graduated from Tampa University with a degree in marine biology. After innumerable attempts to get a job at F.T.M Institution, I finally got in. F.T.M Institution is a widespread, private organization that... (more »)
Zombie Road
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Hi, this is about Jimmy Dean and this story is how I survived the Zombie Road. It was the most tragic experience I’ve ever had. It was July 4, 2003, It was a nice warm day. Kids running and playing in their yards and at the park. The... (more »)
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 Here it is: a misty wetland where everything is foggy and damp. Compared to my small body, everything here is substantially larger. Various sizes of slimy mushrooms and velvety flowers are sprouted everywhere out of the mushy ground. My watery... (more »)
The curse of the Grey eyed woman
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  Once again, Charlie heard the voice of the grey eyed woman sing: “Incy Wincy spider climbs up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out.” He hated her, he hated how she sang that cursed song and it... (more »)
The Cult
By , Burien, WA
The air was still and damp, the radio just loud enough to be heard over the noise of the road. The winter sun had set thirty minutes earlier leaving only the street lamps and dim headlights to illuminate their path. “Do you know the... (more »)
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  The room was arid and smelled like sleep. It was bright and tinted pink from the sunlight filtered through the red curtains. Sam sat up on his duvet covers and wondered if his assignments were even worth doing, thoughts that... (more »)
Don’t Change your Face
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    She was taken two weeks ago. I don’t know where, but I have a feeling I won’t see her again. I’ve been alive for fifteen years, and yet I’m just now questioning our society. We aren’t allowed to... (more »)
The Mansion at 5547 Lincoln Boulevard
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          Charlotte Burton had lived in the same place, the same town, and the same neighborhood her entire life, surrounded by rather plain people and a rather boring lifestyle. She still... (more »)
New Neighbors
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The air suddenly went cold. A single sound, the turning of a doorknob, severed the deafening silence. The girl crouched, waiting in the dark, narrow closet, her mind numb with fear. This is it, she thought. This is it. They're going to find... (more »)
I Am Not Crazy
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Before I get into this, I just want to clear some things up: I am not crazy. I don't hear voices and I definitely don't hallucinate. I know I am not crazy. I can't be. But there are things that are happening to me that I cannot... (more »)
Consuming Confidence
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There are many things people fear, heights, clowns, monsters in their closet, etc. Most people in this small town feared an abyss on the outskirts of town. This abyss had been in this town for many years. It has many stories and myths... (more »)
The Writer
By , Green Bay, WI
A short story about a Writer and his struggle to finish his masterpiece. While he is working, thoughts pervade him about what is he doing. Finally, he caves in and finds out what is motives are.   Chapter 1: The Writer 'Auribus teneo lupum'... (more »)
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You have been lost for a long time. Looking. You’re not looking for a way out, but for her. They say love makes you do crazy things, like the adrenaline shot that lets mothers lift cars off their children, that it gives you strength, even... (more »)
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