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Double Date
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It was suppose to be a normal Friday night like every other one. Jessica and I rent movies and stay up late talking about whatever comes to mind, but tonight was different. She texted me at three o'clock saying that she set up a double date for... (more »)
Final Piece
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Tony helped Joel find his body after many sleepless days of research. Tony held his lover's hand as they stood next to his sleeping body. "We finally did it, babe. After so long.. we found your body." Tony chuckled. "Yeah, I can finally be... (more »)
Field of Flowers
By , Ashburn, VA
Tim wanted to surprise Julie for their first date ever, so he picked her up in his father’s pickup truck, wanting to impress her with the nicest car his family owned. They were driving down a dirt road with windows downs, breeze blowing... (more »)
A Kiss to Remember
By , Sioux City, IA
 I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye. He is the love of my life who is fighting for our messed up country. I’m just afraid he won’t make it. “Good morning, beautiful,” Matthew says to his wife, Elizabeth. “We have been... (more »)
I Choose You
By , jackson, NJ
Elana was a very private person. No one ever knew what she was doing, thinking or where she was. She marched to her own drum and didn't really care what other people thought. She could be careless at times but deep down she had a good heart it... (more »)
By , Jackson, NJ
Kelly walked through the gates of the moto-x race track the same way she did just about everyday. Kelly wore her orange, black, and white KTM riding pants with her black boots and a black and orange racing shirt. Her dad, Wayne, was there with... (more »)
zoning in
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Beautiful was an understatement, Lina was stunning. She was exquisite; breathtaking. The way she looked down when she got nervous, her chocolate brown eyes and the way her bang sightly covered her right eye. In this moment I froze but I imagined a... (more »)
The Life of a Flower
By , Metairie, LA
Green tea. Today he was to make green tea. As slivers of white peeked into the dark room, a thought slipped into his mind. Green tea would take quarter sky to pick, dry till full sun, and brew for quarter dark. A full quarter left for anything.... (more »)
Nothing Beats Love
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Her hair smelled like lavender, her skin soft like rose petals. I kissed the top part of her forehead as my usual welcome home greeting, I was happy to see her again since she’d been out working all day. “Hi honey,” she mumbled. Freeing... (more »)
A Million Dollars
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(the stage is set with the backdrop of New York City. The set is Washington Square Park on a summer day with green leaves set on trees. People brustling through as its setup to be the playground of the mind of Detroit Reynolds, an author... (more »)
Love Works
By , Jackson, NJ
Macee got out of the shower before school, threw on her basic pair of jeggings and nice top, put her short straight blonde hair into her everyday ponytail and double checked then triple checked she had all her books and homework. She stopped at... (more »)
Broken Hearts
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Anastasia had never felt like this about anyone. She sat there on her bed, thinking about what she had just done. Not only had she ruined her own life because she could not keep her feelings in check, but she messed with two other people's lives... (more »)
The forgotten
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I could feel the cold wet tears sliding down my cold rosy cheeks. My body slightly shaking but warm as the sun danced between the trees, making its way onto my face making the tears sparkle as the rays dried them up. I glance over at Heather.... (more »)
Same Difference
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Stellatopia was a perfect society with perfect houses, perfect lawns, perfect jobs, perfect landscaping, perfect schooling, and perfect people. Within this perfect society, the families were of four with a mother, father, son, and daughter. The... (more »)
Postponing Our Inevitable
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I could sense it first in the pit of my stomach. As the air lost its hot thickness, a cool crispness replaced it, and my mind was filled with the fear. With the cold came indecisiveness, doubt, and long nights left to my mind to make up endless... (more »)
The Lakes
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                      My hand slid through the fast-moving air outside the car window. Little rocks sprung up and brushed my fingertips every once and a while. My curly hair blew around... (more »)
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