Most Recent Historical Fiction

Here is the most recent historical fiction:

Escaping the Shadows
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I slipped on my new school uniform for my first day at my new school; a primarily Christian school. I was a Jew, and in Nazi Germany, that was the worst possible person to be, but I had seen Christians and Jews live in harmony in my community... (more »)
Flying Lead
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I remembered that laugh. That cute little smile that could make a gloomy day be a ray of sunshine. Her face, that sweet dimpled face with all those red, curly locks, could give Ariel a run for her money. What he wouldn’t give to be back... (more »)
The Adventure of an Intrepid Boy
By , Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Historical Fiction—Sam Li(Omega) Creation Background and Ideas I want to create a boy whose personality was shaped significantly before and during the Boston Tea Party. The experience made him a steadfast rebel against the... (more »)
Human Mind
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The scariest thing I’ve ever known is the human mind. The human mind controls the body. It determines what we do, how we do something, and when we do it. It can make someone successful in life. It can help someone do amazing... (more »)
Ain't Love
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My name is Ann Bates. I was a Philadelphia school teacher before I met him. My life was thought to be ordinary, but after this encounter my whole life had changed. It was a clear and sunny day; I was teaching children. Suddenly, a new... (more »)
Past Six Houses
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  My heart was beating fast and loud, and I was breathing so hard that I thought I was going to pass out. Up Davis Street and around the corner I sprinted, not letting myself stop to catch my breath. Two more left turns, one more... (more »)
All On Imagination
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The sunshine hit the ground after it shone through the gaps from the leaves on the tree. A red MINI Cooper was driving through the path which was full of sunshine spots reflecting everywhere on the ground, flowers, leaves, and even the red car... (more »)
The Boston Tea Party
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November 1773, Boston Massachusetts. With the wide spread of the news that four vessels filled with tea were coming from England, people in America were very upset toward the government of England. In order to show their determination, a group... (more »)
When The Bullet Hits
By , Pepper Pike , OH
      “We’re coming home Monday guys! Aunt Jamie said your behavior has been really good, keep it up! We Love you guys, Bye!”       “Bye mom, bye dad.” We said over the phone then hung up.       It was 5:30 pm on Sunday.... (more »)
A Hero
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The roaring faded into the darkness. Fright was shrouded in soldiers’ hearts. No one was talking; the only sound was the coal in the fire making terrible crackling noises. Grey clouds moved across the sky like snakes, silent and dangerous.... (more »)
Looking Through the Pages
By , Cincinnati, OH
Emilee looked at the clock on her bedside table, 2:04 AM. “Ugh I can’t sleep.” She said to herself. “I guess I could read my book that always makes me tired.” She reached over her bed into her backpack and got her book out. “Distant... (more »)
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     The journey to his house was quiet -- too quiet for anybody’s liking, but it was what it was. We rode in a automobile which excited my friend besides me, however she kept it to herself. We were all thinking of him.      He didn’t... (more »)
Reading Buddies This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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   Our feet slopped through the muck and squelched over sodden, dead leaves. Rain came down in sheets and stung our faces like angry wasps. The rifle strap dug into my shoulder, wearing through the fabric of my uniform and chafing at the skin... (more »)
Sunset to Moonlight
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Born to a mother who rarely, almost never saw her brilliance; she grew to be a quiet and obedient girl. Named Rosalie by her late father, she was left with only her mother to look after her. Rosalie was a girl who loved spend her time surrounded... (more »)
Ain't Love
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Chapter 1—Encounter My name is Ann Bates. I was a Philadelphia school teacher before I met him. My life was thought to be ordinary, but after this encounter my whole life had changed. It was a clear and sunny day; I was teaching children.... (more »)
The Night of Shattered Myth
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9th November, 1938 Just as our truck neared the corner of the Heidereuter Alley, the moon retired behind the clouds. Shards of glass littered the pavement. The night was filled with desperate shrieks, breaking glass, gunshots, and pleas for... (more »)
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