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A Day at Seattle Grace
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“Katie! Katie wake up!” yelled  a very loud demanding voice. “What mom?” I muttered as I was groaning and rolling over on the bed, or what I thought was the bed.   “Your pager has been going off, Dr. Bailey needs you NOW!” said... (more »)
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Once upon a time on a quaint, peaceful farm, there lived a young and happy couple. They weren’t rich, but stayed content all the same, wanting not money but a child to love and cherish. And surely, one glorious morning, his wife exclaimed... (more »)
Against All Odds, He Will Love You
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He was the boy with the wide eyed grin. She was the girl with the gentle words. Together, they were everything.   But they were nothing yet.   Contrary to what Liesel would say, she did love Rudy. But she'd never admit it.... (more »)
waiting for the morning sun This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Leaning into the bar counter, Mai watches the man next to her take a low drag of his cigarette, smoke curling around the edges of his fingers. He is tapping at his drink, blowing out a stream of gray into the musty nightclub air. “You... (more »)
Danganronpa 2.5: Student Council
By , Wilmington , DE
  Hope's Peak Academy is the most prestigious school in the world with some branches overseas. It stood as a symbol of hope for humanity. Talented students reflected as Ultimate are scouted across the world to go to the school. The Student... (more »)
Predator vs Destiny
By , Ogden, UT
“Cayde scout reports from Central America have not been coming in for the last few weeks, I feel like your laziness is rubbing off to much on your hunters.”said Zavala. “Look Zavala, they’re probably just enjoying the Central American... (more »)
2001 Fanfiction
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David Bowman sat motionless, staring at the computer screen on the Discovery.  He watched silently as Frank Poole’s dead body floated off into the unknown reaches of space, lifeless.  Frank had gone outside the ship to repair a broken AE-35... (more »)
Mission of My Life
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I stared at the pale, feminine body in the mirror pointing out all of the mistakes that were made. Asking questions that were impossible to answer. “Why was I born this way?” I thought aloud. Other than being born in a female body my... (more »)
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I took a deep breath and sighed. The night air usually helps me clear my thoughts,but tonight has been different. It’s been hard these past few weeks for me to really think and concentrate on my work; both for school and for other things.... (more »)
The Trip To Florida
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It was a quiet day in the office until Komaeda comes flying in through the room into Hinata having him knock over his pencil and pen bucket. “Hinata we need to take a vaaacccaaiionnnnnn, we haven’t taken one in like three yearrrrrss,”... (more »)
By , tool, TX
One day this little girl was playing outside with her friends. She was playing softball and she was about to hit the ball but all of the sudden she felt dizzy and Bailey throw the ball and hit Rosie  in the head and knock her out. Bailey ran to... (more »)
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Funny thing what ambition and a sense of adventure can do to a person. Even though they could die, some people still try to become Hunters. Some do it for the fame, while others do it just for the thrill of it, and end up being brought back by... (more »)
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After reading the letter from Mr. Metos, the air seemed so heavy that it threatened to smother her. Murmuring something about finding supplies for their journey, Charlotte pulled her empty backpack from the shelf where it resided, and dashed into... (more »)
Car thief.
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walk towards the rusty gate of the Johnson car factory. Despite the dirty yard, steaming smoke towers, and tin buildings covered in faded graffiti, the lot sparkles with shiny new cars. I had been yearning for the red car for nearly a month now,... (more »)
A-Z for Harry Potter
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      “Congratulations, you are officially a student at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” If you ever wish you had gotten this letter, or ever wished that the magical world could become a reality,... (more »)
politicaly correct snow white
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Snow white is kicked out oh her house but over throws her mother in a buisness dual for coal and gems. Chapter 1: snow white takes the evil queen by her horns... (more »)
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