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Here is the most recent fan fiction:

Antigone to Ismene
Dear Ismene, If you’re reading this, I’ve already left the kingdom of Thebes.  I couldn’t stick around to say goodbye, because I knew that you would try and convince me to stay.  Although you, Uncle Creon, and our brothers have always... (more »)
In the Eyes of a Prophet
By , Washington DC, DC
“SON!” Teiresias yells at his assistant. Frightened the young boy  runs up the stairs to aide teiresias. His name is Vasileios, son of a prestigious noble in the town . He was chosen by the consul that he must serve the... (more »)
Even If Your Voice Shakes
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As I walked out of the school, I wanted to scream. To cry. To let go of everything I had.  But I knew I had to hold it in, just a little longer. I needed to make a plan. I’m telling my parents. I need to. I have to. I told Mr. Freeman... (more »)
The one eyed ghoul Kan Kaneki
By , Ashtabula, OH
Hello my name is Shin-Hyi I am 18 years old and I work at anteiku. Anteiku is a little cafe, I work here with Touka which is my best friend and others. I’m just starting my first year of college and so far it’s going alright, I know these two... (more »)
Marvolo Peverell and the Rift Between Worlds
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“SLYTHERIN!” the sorting hat exclaimed.  The sorting was a ceremony normally meant for 11 year olds entering Hogwarts, but not Marvolo Peverell.  He was only the fourth person to enter Hogwarts over the age of... (more »)
A Miraculous Cinderella
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A long time ago, in a distant kingdom, a young girl’s life changed forever. For, within the home of Marinette, a tragedy was in the process of striking. "Mama?" A quiet young girl asked. "Come here my little ladybug." Sabine Cheng told her.... (more »)
Off With His Head
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This is a combination of multiple fandoms.   He looked through the peephole to see who was there. The night was late, and the street lights were dim, but he could see a figure there, reflecting off the little light the street had cast.... (more »)
Yandere-Chan's Worries
By , Wilmington , DE
   My name is Yandere-chan (She is the main character of the game Yandere Simulator, a yandere is person who is very loving and kind person before their love make them become very destructive, often through violence and brutality), I killed... (more »)
Things Sren't What They Seem
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Way off in the state of California there was a city called Tubertown. There hadn't been a murder in 123 years. Tubertown was a very quiet place up until now. There had been a murder,Ian was the one killed. At least that’s what everyone... (more »)
A Different Revolutionary War With MARVEL
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In 2078, Marvel university.   “Yahoo!” Mister Fantastic shout excitedly in his laboratory, his face turning into bright red because of agitation,“ Everyone, everyone listen. Come here now! Look what I invented which spent me almost 10... (more »)
Epilogue to Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
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Conor sat at the base of the yew tree. Staring off into space, reflecting on the events month before. “She’s gone.” he still couldn’t wrap his mind around it. His mum. Gone? It was like a blur. That night, yet the detail... (more »)
The Devil's Eyes
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  I sipped my warmed coffee as I scanned over the newspaper. This was definitely something i’ve never heard of before. The fall morning was crisp, the air seemed to glow in orange and red. I scanned over the paper some more. I... (more »)
Peter's Death
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Peter screamed in pain as he fell to the ground. His hands immediately went to his side where he had been stabbed. Panic shot through his body. Nobody was around to help him. He got up and staggered into a side alley where he was safe from... (more »)
Kozoku: An Odd Family’s Story Chapter 2:...
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“Guys! Leo and Donnie are hurt really bad!” Mikey runs in, his baby blue eyes filled with fear. I put down the book I'm reading. “What? How?” “They were attacked by a few Foot Ninjas they didn't see coming!” He says panicked.... (more »)
Annie and heroine boarding school
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I was scared of my frist day of boarding school. Especially Heroine boarding school. My mommy dropped me off and I walked into the school and to the office. " yes, you're apprentice will be coming, ms. Everdeen." Said a kind woman's voice. I... (more »)
Nancy's childhood best friend
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I was horrified by the new amerter decetvive, Elizabeth Vampire. She told lies about me that Bess, George and Ned all believed! Now I'm all alone. My name is Nancy Drew if you haven't guessed already. I was crying in the woods when a voice said,... (more »)
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