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Here are the most recent action-adventure articles:

The Flight
By , athens, TX
Jack was very excited as he boarded the plane to go to Hawaii. He had just the right amount of luggage, and he was prepared for the long flight ahead of him. The man was flying first class, and he was very pleased with space he had to himself;... (more »)
The Little Turtle This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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An intact turtle egg lay near a brook. It was the only egg that had not hatched amidst a nest of hatched eggshells. A slight noise sounded from a blade of grass, jolting a turtle within the egg awake. He tried to stretch his limbs, but found... (more »)
Plane Crash
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When I got the call I rushed out of the house. I called my son’s mother and told her, “You have to leave work honey. Something terrible has happened.” I drove as fast as I could to get to the destination. I finally arrive and run to the... (more »)
The First
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 Today is my day, and no one will ruin it. Today is cheer tryouts! I have been waiting forever to tryout for high school cheer. I have always wanted to be a cheerleader for the Dragons, but I was always scared to tryout for cheer in middle... (more »)
Business as Usual
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Dazzling lights shimmered from the crystal windows of the hotel as a young woman stepped out of the slick black limousine. She wore an icy sequin dress that stopped at her knees and glittering silver pumps. On her arm was a gilded black... (more »)
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“Friends, family, graduates...”     I watch my best friend Jane as she paces back and forth, practicing her speech in the darker corner of the stage. She stands behind the closed thick curtains, anxiously waiting for the program to... (more »)
Out of the Zone
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The world’s a harsh and cold place where people are used to going in a straight line, never wanting to take a different route. I used to be like that, scared to get out of the route I knew and followed for most of my life till Molly... (more »)
The Wrong Life This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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As I looked outside of the window from my room, I could see the burning sun right in the middle of the sky. Not a single cloud in sight. When I looked down on the street, I saw all of the neighborhood kids running around on the street. Someone... (more »)
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             Jon Snow walked to the window in the back of the house and pulled the glass door open. Stepping onto the porch he took in the scenery. He always loved Alaska with its... (more »)
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  A boy riding shotgun in a 1967 Chevy impala still full of adrenaline and Anxiousness. named Anthony with his uncle Dean putting gas and they have both just gotten back from a hunt. Not an ordinary hunt-A monster hunt. you see Anthony... (more »)
Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S1E1 Part 1
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S.H.I.E.L.D. Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. Made to help people that had powers, or the last line of defence. After the Chitauri Invasion of New York, S.H.I.E.L.D. had to help any way they could. Agent Phil... (more »)
The Legend-Part One
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The Frost Lord's were a wicked Group Evil that sought on destroy earth, from the inside. They were the most powerfulest entities in the universe stronger than Thanos himself. They have destroyed colonies, Planets, Galaxies. But there was a... (more »)
The World Behind The Walls
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It was fall, 1993. I was up in my room, my little quiet comforting room like always, sketching away in my journal. I love my journal, I feel like if I am mad or sad I can just draw and it makes it all better somehow in an amazing way.... (more »)
The Elementalists
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Chapter One The clouds darkened, filling with rain, dripping hints of what was to come. That’s when it started. The wind broke loose, tearing down anything in its path. The rain whipped across the sky. All around the school Mother... (more »)
A fairy Tale Story
By , Palm Bay, FL
Astoryaboutafairytale Chapter 1: A Fairy Tale Story Once upon a time there a house. At this house was a nanny who watched over all the noble men and women's children. The nanny was quite good at her job, and was highly regarded by her peers... (more »)
the piece
By , Monticello , IL
  Freddie! I challenge you to a game of chess! Marik was certain he was ready to face Freddie in a duel! “Why should i face you, after you accused me of cheating?” “I did no such thing!” “We will... (more »)
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