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A Halloween Story
By , San Pedro, CA
“I am going to kill you, Sabrina!” She rolled her eyes from her seat on the stairwell. Sabrina was always getting into trouble with her older brother, Ichabod. It wasn’t Sabina’s fault that she had to retaliate... (more »)
Help in Time of Need
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I tossed my rent bill across the room and it went under my bed. A minute later, a grotesque claw pushes the bill back but returns it’s paw holding a wad of cash.if you’ve lived under my bed for a month how come i’ve never heard or seen... (more »)
The Potato
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Part 1 Into the light       Dirt.       Fresh dirt is where my home was.       At least I think it was there.       It’s been a long time since than.      My tale is a long and sorrowful one. I shall tell... (more »)
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Drip, drip
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Isolated. The fear of it is called autophobia. I used to have autophobia but I’ve gotten used to it. The isolation. I’ve been stuck here for 5 months, 4 days, 3 hours, 26 minutes, and about 20 seconds give or take. 21 seconds, 22 seconds, 23... (more »)
The Ice Arena
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After practice, in the locker room it gets chaotic everyone is talking. “Do you think the ghost that haunts the arena at night is real” Demi expresses in sass slamming her bag on the ground. “Well I feel like funny things have been... (more »)
Shark Attack
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It was the summer of 2016. My friend Connor was taking Hunter and I to Myrtle Beach. One of our plans was to wake up early and go deep sea fishing. We would catch sharks and other sea life. The morning of our fishing expedition we woke up at six... (more »)
The Bounty
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The bar that Miguel sat at was in the middle of the room, and circled around an assortment of shelves full of drinks. Miguel always hated going into the pub it smelled of and chemical called chlorine it always made him sick to his... (more »)
Land of Confusion
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Looking around me, I see nothing but darkness. Nothing catches my eye, but I know there’s something beyond the lingering twilight… something calling to me. I slowly walk forward, reaching out my hands to catch myself if I fall. I... (more »)
Lost In The Woods
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  Day 1: An Unexpected Journey Their was a loud crashing sound behind me and I stood still  hoping what it was would go away…, then, a hand firmly grasped my shoulders quickly and shook me a bit. I turned... (more »)
The Vessel
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As I sit here in class today my mind wonders and takes me to different places, but there is one thing in common, I always travel in a majestic sea worthy vessel. In my mind this beauty with its three huge masts the middle being over 150ft... (more »)
The City
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She woke up that morning prepared to make the day hers She was so ready to conquer the day She got up out of bed, opened the window and instead of smelling the roses that lay next to her windowsill and the morning air and the trash that needs... (more »)
night stinger
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“The night is dying we have to go before daybreak. Get some dinner in then we will go.” “Why.” “Day is breaking.” “Ok.” “Still why.” “Just do it or we are going to die.” “Ok.” North 100 200 West “Are they... (more »)
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This town is often called“Party City” - that is what most people say. Well, Dixie City is not a “Party City” all the time. A constant fear travels around here;fear that something will pop out and grab you. Some  people are so... (more »)
Flame in a Photograph
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Jim Daily was a photographer working for the Nature Times. He’d been sent out on a job to get a photo of Bellmont National Forest that would fit an article about climate change, written by his coworker Billy Sanderson. He trudged through the... (more »)
The Stalker
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Part 1 Michael It was nine years ago... A winter evening Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Brad Snider, went to "The first National Bank" of the year 2004 was robbed. They forced their way into the bank and held the security at gunpoint, I... (more »)
Power-man! Season 1, episode 1
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Power-man: and the great secret that must be kept.   It was a dark and stormy night and there was a small basket in the middle of an alleyway. And inside this basket was a baby boy. And he was crying. And beside this basket were two human... (more »)
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