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University of Delaware

November 16, 2017
By Anonymous

My college review is going to be about Delaware University. I think UD is very good college just not just for me but for other people also. The University (colloquially "UD") is the largest university in Delaware (The First State). UD currently offers more than 135 undergraduate degrees. At the graduate level, it offers 67 doctoral, 142 master’s degree programs, 14 dual degrees, 15 interdisciplinary programs, 12 online programs, and 28 certificate programs across its seven colleges and more than 82 research centers and institutes. To get in you have to commit yourself to alot of stuff. UD is one of the top 100 institutions for federal obligations in science and engineering and interdisciplinary initiatives in energy science and policy, the environment, and in human health. The main campus is in Newark, with satellite campuses in Dover, Wilmington,  Lewes, and Georgetown. It is considered a large institution with about 18,500 undergraduate and 4,500 graduate students. UD is a privately governed university which receives public funding for being a land-grant,  sea-grant, space-granted urban-grant state-supported research institution.

The University of Delaware traces its founding to 1743, when Presbyterian minister Francis Alison opened up his "Free School" in his home in New London Pennsylvania. The school changed its name and location several times, ending up as the Academy of Newark in 1769. Since Delaware was part of the Pennsylvania colony until 1776, the academy was denied charter as a college in order to prevent its competing with the University of Pennsylvania. In 1833, the Delaware General Assembly passed "An Act to Establish a College at Newark", and the next year, Newark College opened. It changed its name in 1843 to Delaware College and it merged with the Academy of Newark. The school closed from 1859 until 1870 (Newark Academy separated from the Delaware College in 1869). It reopened in 1870 due to the support of the Morrill Land-Grant Acts In 1921, Delaware College was renamed the University of Delaware, and it officially became acoeducational institution in 1945 when it merged with the nearby Women's College of Delaware.


When applying to UD, its important to note that the applications deadline is Jan. 15. The applications fee at UD is $75. Scores for either the ACT or SAT test are due Jan. 15. It is more selective, with an acceptance rate of 65%. The University has a rolling admissions policy, which means that you can apply throughout the year for upcoming semester. It is a larger college with an enrollment of 20,982 students.  UD offers 21 varsity sports, which compete in the NCAA division-1. For me, I think I would go there for my education and sports.

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its just about some information about UD.

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