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    Hempstead, NY: RecentlyI visited Hofstra, a large research university. The most noticeableaspect of Hofstra is its size. The campus is divided into two parts,academic and residential, on opposite sides of the Hempstead Turnpike.Students can easily travel from one to the other on an overhead walkway.The student center is in the middle of the walkway, where you can eat,get a haircut or make travel arrangements.

Hofstra's 240-acrecampus is a national arboretum and home to many species of exotic trees.Cobblestone and granite walkways give the campus a 19th-century feel,but when you enter the buildings, it's quite clear this is the 21stcentury; computers and high-tech electronics areeverywhere.

There is always something going on at Hofstra. Theschool has its own radio and TV stations, and offers manyextracurricular activities.

In all, the campus is very scenic andremarkably quiet, considering it is in such a busy area. The largebuildings help muffle the sounds from town and the Turnpike.

Theonly negative part of my tour was that I didn't see a dorm room,something my guide wasn't too eager to explain.

If you likescenery and serenity blended with civilization and liveliness, HofstraUniversity should be on your list. With hundreds of majors ranging fromanthropology to zoology, Hofstra most likely offers your major. Hofstragets four of five stars in my book.

Reviewed in 2001

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