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By Tim K., Congers, NY

     Pleasantville, NY: As soon as I set foot on Pace University’s Pleasantville/Briarcliff campus, I felt at home. Pace is everything a suburban student could want, and with its neat buildings and tightly knit campus, it seems a perfect fit for me. As I toured the grounds, the goats in the school farm got excited and came to the fence to greet us. That’s right, this campus has a small farm complete with chickens, goats and even hawks, all housed in the Environmental Center.

In addition to this rural twist, Pace has two neatly kept dormitories. Upperclassmen have the opportunity to live in apartment townhouses, which give them the responsibility and freedom to simulate the real world.

Pace has more than 80 undergraduate majors, the two most popular being computer science and accounting. There is also a highly regarded law school.

When I read that the undergraduate population is just over 2,700 students - only a couple hundred more than my high school - I was apprehensive about applying. After talking to several students during my visit, though, I realized that what the campus lacks in numbers, it makes up for with the outgoing personality of each student.

So, if you seek a competitive college filled with opportunities, or if your local petting zoo doesn’t quite cut it, I highly recommend that you go check out

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