Bennett College MAG

By Jessica B., Charlotte, NC

     Greensboro, NC: Bennett College is a small, private, historically black liberal arts school for women founded in 1873. The college offers an education conducive to excellence in scholarly pursuits; preparation for leadership roles in the workplace, society, and the world; and life-long learning in a technologically advanced, complex global society.

With small classes for individual help, students are able to excel and build purposeful relationships with teachers. The college offers a variety of majors and dual majors with surrounding schools. Bennett takes great pride in its academic and social reputation and is highly looked upon by other schools and organizations.

During my recent visit to Bennett I felt at home, and everyone was respectful and courteous. Bennett had always been my first choice, and after my visit I was reassured of where I wanted to go. I believe this is the perfect school for me and the perfect school for the women of America.

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