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Duluth, MN: The College of St. Scholastica is a small, private college in Minnesota on a hill overlooking Lake Superior. The campus is located on 186 acres with many walking trails and all the buildings in easy walking distance.

St. Scholastica was founded in 1912 by Benedictine Sisters with just six students, it now has almost 2,000 undergraduates with a 13 to 1 student to faculty ratio, which mean lots of individual attention. Every class is taught by a professor, unlike many larger universities that have a teaching assistant in charge of most of the class.

St. Scholastica prides itself on traditional Benedictine morals including community, hospitality, respect, stewardship, and a love of learning. They have a great scholarship program, which makes the school very affordable for students. Ninety-nine percent of students who apply for financial aid receive it. The Washington Post ranked St. Scholastica a “Top 100 Hidden Gem” among all colleges and universities in the country. Duluth was named head of the class in a list of “Great American College Towns” by the New York Post recently as well. There are seven colleges located in Duluth and neighboring Superior, Wisconsin.

Duluth is set right on the edge of “The Great Wilderness,” which expands from northern Minnesota through most of Canada. St. Scholastica provides many opportunities to get outdoors for hiking, skiing, and dog-sledding trips. Another aspect that sets St. Scholastica apart is its “Four Year Pledge” which, means if you follow a few simple guidelines, you will graduate in four years or the remainder of your schooling is free.

At St. Scholastica you can get a high-quality education without spending too much like most private universities. Not only do you get the individual attention that larger colleges fail to provide, but also you are right next to beautiful Lake Superior.

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