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Tommy Boy

February 18, 2020
By mooch24 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
mooch24 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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¨Brothers don't shake hands,Brothers gotta hug!¨ the life of Tommy callhan and richard. That was the Mtv best duo on screen life long friends till Chris farley died in 1997. One of the beat duos to ever hit the big screen. They were probably the best duo of all time for actors. Tommy Boy is really amazing in some categories.

Tommy Boy´s strengths are showing how funny the actors are. They have a really good running film that they got funny characters from do that they could make something that everybody will love. For being in 1995 their graphics for the background was really cool that they used high tech for that year when the stuff was not that good.

Some of the weaknesses are that they made it centered around two people that was kinda boring at times because I assume that they would run out of ideas for the movie. If they wanted to, they could have done more of just the funny parts. They should have made more serious parts in the movie but all in all it is a great movie.

The budget for the movie was 20 million dollars. They could have done a lot more with the 20 million then just a bunch of car scenes and him at his dad's break bad company. They could have made the movie more serious too about how they live they act like he has so much money. The producers are not that good in my opinion because they just didn't develop the movie when it had great potential.

The plot of the movie was good. His dad dies and he has to take over his dad's company and keep it alive after his whole family from every generation and he goes on the road to keep his company alive. He loved his dad a lot and was devastated when he died he would always pray to him on a random sailboat.

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the movie is really inspiring 

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