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The Meaning of Life

April 25, 2017
By Elisabeth Hovis BRONZE, Mount Airy, Maryland
Elisabeth Hovis BRONZE, Mount Airy, Maryland
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No one thinks they will  have to question their mortality at seventeen years old.  You tend to go about your daily business not thinking about how lucky you are to just be alive and happy. Usually life is too busy to stop and appreciate what you have. There is always something coming up next, something that is due or something to study for. I never thought twice about my life until it was almost taken from me. There are two ways to access my high school:  a straight-shot or a twisty, more dangerous route. The dangerous route was the one I needed to take. I always had good driving habits; I never sped or texted behind the wheel. I never questioned driving on that road. Earlier this school year, while I was coming around a particularly tight corner, my right front tire caught the edge of the road causing it to burst. I lost control of my car, and swerved into oncoming traffic where I came face to face with a bicyclist.  I pulled my car off the road to avoid hitting him. The front corner of my car caught a telephone pole, causing me to flip one and a half times. The bicyclist called the police for me and pulled me from my car. By some miracle I  survived the accident relatively unscathed. The police officers on the scene all told me I was at no fault for the accident, and that I had done all the right things. I amazed all the medics by walking away from that crash. Their amazement began to make me question why I was okay, and why I was spared in a crash that could have killed me. I understood that not speeding really does save your life, but something else kept bothering me that I couldn’t shake. I began to ask myself, “ Why have I been given this chance?”. After many sleepless nights I decided there was only one reason; I am meant to go make something of myself. I was given a chance to appreciate all I have received, and live the best life I can from that day forward. I realized how much I had taken for granted:  I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in service projects; I competed on teams where I made lifelong friendships; I attended an award-winning school where I took advantage of every opportunity I could.  Most important of all was my amazing support group of family and friends. This event solidified my path. Before that day, college was an expected part of my future.  I now understand that college is a privilege and an amazing opportunity. I almost lost the chance to go to college before I got to apply. I’ve learned every day is a blessing, and I must appreciate all that I have. I hope to continue this blessing I’ve been given at JMU, and I’m truly grateful for being given the opportunity to apply to this extraordinary university.

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I never realized how lucky I was until I almost had it all taken from me. Take time in every day to appreciate what you have before it's too late.

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