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World Traveling

January 13, 2009
By Yearin Byun BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Yearin Byun BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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In Arizona-a dry, thirsty area-there lies great rock pastries on top of each other. Each forms a different size and reflects different colors, attracting hundreds of tourists a day from all over the world. To see the great forms of nature, my host family and I went all the way from Pennsylvania to Arizona. Although I suffered from the long trip, the frustration went away quickly as I arrived and saw the Grand Canyon. Millions of beautiful pictures that I found in books and on the internet could not be compared to the one that I saw with my own eyes. For that moment, nothing mattered-whether it was a giant sculpture created from Noah's flood or through millions of years of accumulation. All I could think of was how amazing it was and how lucky I was-living with a family who loves traveling and showing different things to me so that I could take one more step towards reaching my goal.
While living in different countries-South Korea, Australia and America-I had an opportunity to learn about different cultures, literature, and geography. In Australia, I was fascinated by the Aborigines' rock paintings that had been kept for thirty thousand years. The meticulously drawn paintings showed that the Aborigines praised God for even small things such as caves to shelter and animals to eat. Also, in America, by analyzing English literature, I learned from Old English poems such as Beowulf to modern plays such as Death of a Salesman. I realized how languages could be used in different ways and how they could affect society. Furthermore, in Korea in which I lived for eighteen years, I keep discovering new things that I have not seen before. In this summer, my family and I went to an island for fishing. Staying up until five in the morning to win a fishing competition, I was tired, but with nature, I was not bored. My eyes were amused by things that I had not seen in my cities such as mews chasing fishing boats, moonlight staring from right above my head and angry waves constantly swallowing the edge of the island. From all these small, but valuable experiences, I realized the importance of being adventurous and open-minded so that I can learn as much as I can in such a short, limited life. Therefore, one day, I made a goal in my life which is world traveling. Every time I face difficulties in my life, I dream of eating German food, meeting Indians, riding camels or traveling the Amazon.

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