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Mobile Phones: A boon or a bane

January 21, 2013
By Ankita sharma BRONZE, Ahmedabad, Other
Ankita sharma BRONZE, Ahmedabad, Other
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Is a knife useful instrument or a perilous weapon? It depends on how it is used. Same implies with the case of technology. The greatest invention are those which affect the mass of people; and of those greatest invention is cell phones .It would be very ungrateful on our parts not to recognise how imperative are they to us. Cell phones have revolutionised the human existence .This is possible only because they are getting cheaper and cheaper day by day. Discounted cell phones accessories have made it even easier to keep the phone intact and give it a longer life.

Undoubtedly , if cell phones are in right hands ,then they are a marvel ! Firstly they are proved to be a gratuity on the account of uniting not only the country but the entire planet as a “global village”. No matter how far we are sitting we can gossip anytime anywhere! In fact it’s bliss to the parents as well as children .Parents can every time monitor their children and children are also safe. If anyone is in any kind of danger s/he can call for help immediately . It arrests mishaps.

The delight of watching favourite tv shows, songs, etc is unmatched; as now cell phones are embedded with all high tech features. Also discounted cell phone accessories have added cherry on the top. Accessories such as wireless Bluetooth handset (can be used to talk without even locating the cell phone ) , cases and pouches (keeping the phone intact and out of harm's way ) , charger ,adapter battery covers ,screen protectors are so easily available that they help people to uphold their cell phone with an ease.

There are always two sides of a coin . The Time creation aspect of technology has posed a peril which we keep ignoring .The cell phones have progressed rapidly at the rate of knots. Also at the same time they have provide us with a cushion to challenge more task than what we would have attempted if cell phones would have gone on a French leave! This invites element of multitasking. This deprives a person of enjoying his own hard earned money! Also when a person is multitasking rather than completing a single task he merely juggles between a huge number of tasks. This causes burden and hence results in Stress . Stress is a bane to the modern era. Due to our ill capacities of not understanding the correct usuage of resource, our life has turned into a Frankenstein’s movie!

Also cell phones have made terrorist attacks in the world very easy. This has become a global matter of concern .Not going far beyond and viewing things aerially and focusing solely on our lives children are growing in precocious manner ,which is again a big matter of concern for parents .Also discounted cell phone accessories have made it easier for children to buy them and keep them unnoticed! They burn their time to ashes by playing games on it, listening songs etc. Instead of going out and playing, they stick to their easy chairs or couches and play games on their phones , which turns their reflexes into slow responses!

We have heard of batteries blasting when they were put to charging. This is again on the account of using discounted cell phone accessories .The retailers replace the original piece with duplicate ones, to which customers are totally unaware of.

Over utilisation of any resource is harmful . Now mobile phones have interweaved into our lives so much ,that some have started considering it as an inevitable part of their lives. They are addicted to it like a drug addict is addicted to drugs and some have gone even worse! This has consequently given rise to new phobias! Such as Nomophobia (the fear of being out of cell phone) ,Phantom ring (imagining call phone to be ringing when it is actually not) , Human antenna (holding phone high up in the air so that it can catch signal! )and so on. Not only this usage ,of cell phones driving have contributed 10% to the road accidents.

We should always remember , that there lives a wise man between the valley of two mountains. Plain and pleasure are a result of modern technology .
Usage of cell phones as a boon or a bane ; the answer lies in our hands!

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maddy said...
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