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Someone Who Moved

February 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever had a friend that moved away to another place? It sucks doesn’t it? One of my good friends moved to Tracy to live with his dad and stepbrother. I know a lot of people wont emit it but I really miss him.

We used to hang out not a lot but, enough to have fun. Dylan and I used to ride bikes everywhere, to the marina, Safeway and sometimes if we were hungry we would go to dash. Dash was between Dylan and my house. So, we would met at dash most of the time. Dylan used to hang out with my neighbor a lot also, so, I would always see him.

Dylan and I always went wakeboarding in the summer together. He was a pretty cool kid, when he would go to his dad’s house his dad took him dirt bike riding almost every day. Sometimes he would invite me every once in a while. He still goes riding even more than when I lived by him. I wish he still lived here, because he was one of my best friends at the time. All the girls thought he was cute too. He was a chick-magnet. I bet he still is at the school that he is at right now. I think he is sponsored now on his dirt bike so that describes how good he is at dirt bike riding.

The thing about Dylan was that he just got along with every one but my parents and his didn’t get along. My parents would barely ever let me go over to his house or anywhere with him. But his parents would let him go everywhere with me. Sometimes I didn’t like Dylan because he kinda’ thought he was better than everyone else.

And yet sometimes he reminded me of a girl because of his mood swings. He would get a little grouchy sometimes, especially when he was mad.

All in all, Dylan (long lost best buddy) moved away from his partner in crime and then found a new one! He would defiantly still be my best friend even if we fought a lot, which we didn’t. so there you have it , someone who moved.

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