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College is an Opportunity

January 7, 2008
By Anonymous

College is an opportunity not only to expand my understanding of familiar ideas, but also to gain knowledge and experience in areas less familiar. A well-rounded approach to education provides for numerous potential career paths and gives me the tools to approach different ideas and notions open-mindedly.

I have always wanted to work in the field of science. I feel there is so much that has yet to be discovered, and so far that it can be taken. The opportunities to make a contribution, to do something good in this world and to help people are virtually limitless.
Ultimately, I would like to go into optometry; I know that such a profession will allow me to combine all aspects that I look for when considering a career and educational path. Optometry will allow me to do something important in society, something that helps other people, and I know that helping others will lead to a feeling of contentment within myself as well. It is also the perfect chance to become more involved what I believe to be the most effective learning method: applied science. Hands-on biology classes allow students to actually put a face to a name so to speak, which I believe is very important. It is my hope that the University of Puget Sound will offer exactly what I need.
While Optometry is a goal of mine now, I also believe that it would be almost naive to lock myself into only one option with as few experiences as I have had at age seventeen.
A childhood in Mayberry-like Moscow, Idaho, while providing for a safe and supportive environment, also lacked the diversity of ideas and experiences that I know a school like Puget Sound has to offer. I am most certain that an education at Puget Sound will provide me with the necessary challenges and opportunities to help me into the career of my dreams.

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