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Ten Truths

March 25, 2012
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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let it burn, suffering teaches the soul; let it grow, love nourishes the heart.

One of these ten truths is that perception greatly impacts the overall outcome of any given situation, and the other major impact is based on how you choose to respond to the way you interpret any situation. Take for example; I handed you a napkin out of kindness, and you interpret what I desired to be kindness as you being incompetent, so you get angry or frustrated at me. Your perception wasn’t accurate in that situation, and your reaction was based solely upon your interpretation; you could have miss-read the situation, but chosen to react in a more appropriate manner or fashion.

The second of these ten truths is that communication plays a major role in out constantly changing world, more so than, very possibly, any other constant that exists. Look back 3,000 years ago, when only very limited, yet amazingly effective means of communication were available, like smoke signals, runners, and often beacons, placed were they could be seen from well over 100 miles away. Now, jump 2,400 years into the future, about 1,400 AC, when the printing press was to be invented, producing the most astounding in knowledge that current history has ever seen, leading to the Renaissance. 600 years later, we have telephones, internet, more books than we can possibly read, more schools, for all ages and levels than we can count, and, to briefly peak at the dark side, weapons of mass destruction. None of those would be possible without communication, which seems to drive the assault on advancement with a fierce attitude and sharp mind.

The third of these ten truths is that freedom plays the greatest part in development of youth, going hand in hand with love, without which we would develop into an entirely different species. Look at the differing types of humanity we have now, but focus on how some humans are considered monsters, not really a part of humanity anymore, but deemed as a separate entity or race, beyond our comprehension. In general, murderers and the likes tend to become something inhuman, but upon occasion, you’ll get someone like Gandhi, who has been deemed as almost a god by many, because he was so different. I myself have lived a life with limited freedom and love, and because of that, I am no longer human, but have become something else, not like a murderer, or like Gandhi, but something more intelligent and capable, with abilities humans can only dream of.

The fourth of ten truths is that on earth, peace can only be obtained with the obliteration of the human race, they simply cant control their emotions enough to bring about world peace, or come even close, but I also know that what obstructs their path to true greatness, is also what defines them as a truly great race, in its own way. Perhaps peace is a circumstance of situation, it is certainly of perception, yet somewhere inside, no matter how deep or how hard you attempt to hide it, there is a sense, a reality, of unmatched chaos, and only those who face it at the deepest level will ever feel any true peace, both within, and without. Can humanity survive without some form of chaos, is it at all possible to achieve, I don’t believe so, in fact, I know it not to be possible, in any universe or alternate reality, because chaos is as essential to humanity as water or oxygen is, without it, we would cease to exist. At the same time, while humanity cannot survive without chaos or oxygen and water, the may evolve into another species, very similar to what humanity is, but no longer the same, perhaps more in tune with nature and ultimate peace, or unfortunately, where they seem to be heading, farther from nature than ever, and far more chaotic.

The fifth truth is that friends help to determine who you are, and who you will become in the future, because the greatest influences in your life are likely to be form friends, who can either drown you in darkness, or see you to the sun, through the night. Friends are often no chosen or picked, but found through circumstances beyond our control, and only when a bond has been formed and strengthened, you can choose to either temper it, or sever it, depending upon what you see in the other person. Most often, our friends are a reflection of ourselves, and because of that, we are generally able to give them genuine help and feedback when its needed, to help uplift us, but upon occasion, we choose a friend that reflects a negative aspect of us, and we begin a downward spiral that can only be described as a descent into hell. The last way we choose to keep our friends is by seeing something, some quality or trait, that another possesses, which you yearn to obtain, so you choose to bond with that person to be given a hope of becoming closer to that quality or trait, to be influenced by that person.

The sixth of these ten truths is that writing will change you as a person, because when you write, you are able to express yourself in ways that defy spoken words or, indeed, any other form of expression, and as a result of that, writing is among the most sacred of them, keeping with it out deepest secrets and most ancient knowledge. Writing allows us to confide our deepest secrets to it, with no fear of having some form of reaction because of that secret, and we can also create a degree of such intense meaning and emotion which otherwise would be impossible to convey to anther. A further bit of uniqueness about writing is that it captures the emotion and passion put into it, leaving such beauty to be read by another, who will respond to it in their own way, and inspiration will come to them, and through that inspiration greatness will be achieved.

The seventh truth is that religion creates a sense of self-worth or, to put it more accurately, a sense of reason and purpose, with which we are guided by something else, something that differs from us so much, that we can only perceive it as a presence meant to help deliver us to some unknown point in the future. What is your purpose and your reason for being on this earth, we all have one, but so few of us every discover the answer to that question, and sorrowfully even fewer of us live up to what that answer entails. To be guided like we are, constantly, and for our entire life, just to fail in our search, or never begin to seek for what we are destined to do, to become, is why we have always fallen short of true grace, why we have never lived to our fullest potential. I believe that these other being look to us to accomplish what they cannot, or prevent mistakes that they have made and regretted, and that they feel for us such a sense of sorrow and profound sadness, because we are all broken within, no longer capable of reaching our maximum potential.

The eighth truth, is that emotion shapes who we were, who we are, and who we are to become in the future, simply because every emotion is a human reaction to a situation, and our thoughts determine the way we react, so in essence, our thoughts are in direct control over our emotions, with the exception of few circumstances. If you keep your thoughts on positive things, then your emotions will slowly begin to become more uplifted, tending to be positive the majority of the time, and since your overall thoughts and feelings have become positive, your life will begin to change in positive ways, leading to who you may become, and who you have become. Keeping your outlook and feeling positive will help shape who you become, but what does it create to help you change, well, when most people are positive, they’re more willing to accept things, and they tend to keep an open mind, so they learn more than your average person, leading to more positive changes.

The ninth truth is that your memories and experiences define what your subconscious mind thinks, feels, and how it reacts to any given situation, but more importantly than that, it controls every thought you are conscious of making, because every conscious thought is inter-connected is some way with the subconscious mind. The near impossibility of linking those connections, whether on an individual basis, or a basis set on a much larger scale, is rarely overcome by anyone, simply because we have extremely limited access to the pathways leading into our subconsciousness, and the few who have at least a little access to it, are those like Gandhi and Einstein. While the subconscious mind is conceived by both memories and experienced, it is far from limited by them, because your every memory and experience is just another piece to its nearly limitless playground, and inside this playground it connects things together, creating a vast amount of knowledge, unattainable to most.

The tenth and final truth is that knowledge of physics will unlock doors that majority of people may never even think exist, or may never conceive of in the first place, and that through the right knowledge of physics, an unlimited, and very rarely tapped pool of knowledge will become available. The more you know about physics, the greater your possibility of unearthing a route to that unlimited knowledge becomes, and the more connections you make, using any knowledge at your disposal, will only lead to greater pathways, less limited, more direct, and invaluable to your life. Shockingly, there is a very popular theory involving this pool of knowledge, called quantum jumping, where you can jump into the mind of yourself, in a different reality, and all of the knowledge your other self had obtained will be cast into your mind, meaning that if you are an architect in another reality, that knowledge could be yours.

Of these ten truths, I believe that proper knowledge of physics is the greatest, for the possibilities of the world of physics is unending, and I also believe that anything you can imagine can be explained, broken down, and then be formulated or powered to become a reality. Lets take teleportation for example, its just impossible, right, well, sorry to burst your bubble, but its not all that hard to do, just take a quantum computer and scan your entire body for every genetic code and make up, then send the information to another quantum computer, where quantum powered machine re-constructs the code it reads and re-makes you. Pretty basic, right, well, that’s the beauty of physics, it can be put into basic and simple terms, yet explain some of the most difficult things that exist at the some time, and because it can explain things like that, it is, to me, the ultimate truth, the truth of all truths.

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