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Do You Believe?

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you know how people say, “practice makes perfect.” That’s actually not true because everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. What made me start to think about this was as I got older I kept seeing people do stupid stuff that would hurt something or someone. I believe that no one is perfect because everyone makes mistakes and it is just human nature to do something wrong.

No one is perfect because everyone makes mistakes. Most of the time when I play soccer I will make some bad passes in the game and also during the game I will dribble down the field and get the ball taken away from me. If I was perfect and didn’t make mistakes that wouldn’t ever happen and my team would win every game. Also another example is when Kentucky played Tennessee in football in the fourth overtime. If Kentucky football was perfect and never made mistakes than Kentucky would have won that game and could have got a higher rank.

If you would talk to most of the more famous and rich people that have succeeded they will tell you that they have once failed before they became rich and famous. When Michael Jordan was younger and playing high school basketball he failed to make the basketball team. When Michael Jordan failed he just pictured his name not being on the list in the locker room which made him work harder. After a while Michael Jordan led his high school team to a state championship and the becoming one of the best basketball players ever. When I was 11 years old I got sick of being on my classic soccer team. I had tried out and then didn’t make the team. But then I when I was 12 years old I finally made the premier team which was a big accomplishment to me.

When I was younger I would always think that my parents were perfect because I would always look up to them and they would always do stuff for me. One time when I was little I use to be very picky and stuff and when my mom would make a meal I wouldn’t eat it so she would always make me something different just so I could eat something. Even though I look up to both of my parents now I still see that they make mistakes and notice that they aren’t perfect.

I believe no one is perfect no matter who you are. There is not a single person in the world that is perfect because everyone is mistakes. Some people in the world make worse mistakes than others. Some mistakes will ruin their lives and some could improve their lives by learning from their mistakes. This can impact my future in a good way or a bad way depending on if I learn from my mistakes or not. This will tell me that in order for myself to succeed I will have to fail. The advice that I would give is, don’t worry about messing up or making a mistake because most of the time you will learn from that and it will be good in the future.

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