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Words and Music

December 3, 2011
By Aksu5 BRONZE, Ventnor, New Jersey
Aksu5 BRONZE, Ventnor, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"The Purpose of Existence is To Understand Existence Itself"

“And now, Akshita and Aisha will be performing “Te Amo” by Rihanna!” Wearing masks of timidity and terror, we inched our way towards the center of the stage, reluctant to meet the eyes of the hypercritical audience. The speakers overhead began to blast the Latino beats of Rihanna’s popular love song, and the audience began to scream. We were exhilarated, pumped and ready to put on a show that would be unforgettable. I looked Aisha in the eyes, took a deep breath, and began to sing.

The first time I had ever sung in front of an audience was at church when I was in sixth grade. My teachers would say, “Good hymnody has an enduring effect.” I altered the quote so it read, “Good singing has an enduring effect.” With that in mind, I aimed to master the art of singing. Singing has been my passion since then. I sing whenever and wherever I can. Singing isn’t only a passion, it’s my motivation. Those high notes I hit really push me to hit higher goals in life. It gives me the energy and power to further myself.

“The Catholic Daughters of the Americas Contest: For all students from all grade levels” read the flyer on my classroom door. For more information, I asked my teacher what the contest was all about. I learned that it was a contest in which students were to submit an essay, a poem, an artwork, or a song on the power of Jesus’ love. There are three winners from the each district, and the first place winner of each district would enter a statewide contest. I was announced first place for my school, first place in the district, and eventually second place in the state of New Jersey in the music department. Being one of the few Indian students who attended this predominantly Caucasian school, I was exhilarated when the news got to me.

Singing isn’t about religion; it’s about the power of words and your ability to project them in a melodious fashion. It’s about touching the souls of the people, and enlivening them. Music has a powerful effect on the emotions of people. It helps me concentrate when I really need it. Singing isn’t only my passion, it’s my motivation. Furthermore, it’s my way to connect with people.

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