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Graphic Design

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Graphic designers play a significant role in the media today. Everyday objects, from billboards to signs, to websites and cereal boxes are all created by a graphic designer. Graphic designers hold the responsibility to create visuals that help communicate information, events, and items. Designers work from layouts and sketches to create literature such as magazine designs, reports, and journals. Designers are also responsible for marketing, which includes package design, logos, and branding. As a graphic designer it is important to know the needs of clients and expectations. In order to meet those specific needs it is important to take time to gather research. Research will ensure the client that the designer is well informed and able to meet their needs.

As a Graphic designer it is important to be well educated and familiar with computer software. Designers should be have drawing skills that will help them creat sketches of designs as well as a rough draft before taking it to a computer. Because graphic designers create prints, computers are key to success. They should be able to know what software is best for each kind of project, as well as how to use them in creative unique ways. Designers must have an eye for colors, illustration, use of space, and details.

I am currently taking 2 WCTC credited courses. Commercial Art and Design is a semester course that presents print projects that are open to any adobe software. In that class we learn the software better as well as managing our time. In Computer Applications we are learning Microsoft and how to be familiar and time saving with it. I am also in AP Studio art which has a variety of projects ranging from drawing, print, and others. I enjoy these classes and am enrolling in the Graphic Design program at WCTC in hopes to pursue a career to do what I love. I plan to graduate from high school and pursue my career through WCTC. In the future I hope to graduate with a degree that will help me be successful in my career as well as starting my own business in the field. I love working in a well organized personal space no matter how small or large. I would love to start my own business and own a small office on a two story level building in a small town.

AP Studio art has been an inspiring and helpful class for me. Not only am I learning how to meet deadlines, I am being forced to step out of my comfort zones for certain assignments. For example, I don’t feel like an expert with my drawing skills but there have been at least 6 assignments that have required me to draw and enhance my skills. In my art classes we are required to do research and thumbnail sketches before sitting at a computer. This technique is very important to a graphic designer and has been very helpful to me in creating my best designs.

Part of my eagerness for college has been the Macbook requirement. I have become very familiar with Macs and use them everyday at high school as well as home. Seeing as this would be a necessity to pursue my career goals I would be able to meet this requirement during my first semester, if not sooner. I enjoy Macs very much and was very well pleased with the Graphics Design Program at WCTC as well as the classrooms.

WCTC Open House swept me off my feet and revealed to me exactly where i want to be. The Classrooms and classes opened up an abundance of hopes, dreams, and eagerness to attend your college. I want to be a part of your program and would love to jump into my career without having to take side classes unrelated to the subject I love.

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